Thursday, February 2, 2023

Project Quilting 14.3 - "54-40 or Fight"

The theme for the third challenge of the current season of
Project Quilting, hosted by Kim of Persimon Dreams and Trish of Quilt Chicken, is the traditional block "54-40 or Fight." I'm continuing to make placemats for as many of these challenges as possible.

My new placemat used some of the same fabrics as appeared in the "Pink Tint" placemat. Unfortunately, I didn't measure before making this one, and they ended up being different widths (but I'm not changing either of them.)

The next Project Quilting challenge will be posted at noon CST on Sunday, February 12th. What could you make in one week? Come join the fun! Check out all the other projects at this week's link-up HERE.

Happy quilting!

Julie in GA


  1. What perfect blocks. Such good star points and pretty fabrics.

  2. That's great that you could work with the same fabrics to make them coordinate!

  3. Such a fun and doable project for one week. Love those pinks in both blocks.

  4. Placemats are very useful and pretty to look at while eating dinner.

  5. wonderful! And good on you for not changing ;) They're both perfect the way they are!

  6. It's a very pretty placemat, Julie. Kudos for using the leftovers from the other one! I don't think it will matter a bit that this one is a bit smaller than the other.


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