Original post 4/17/13, updated 5/28/13

Here is my list of UFO's & WIP's, listed in order by date started, beginning with the oldest. Most have photos too. These are projects at all different stages of completion, and I am sure there are several more around here that haven't been unearthed yet.  I know there are some hand applique projects somewhere. (Applique projects and a few others added 5/28.)  Finished tops that need to be quilted are not listed here--that will have to be a separate page.  Projects started this year are not included. 

1. Unterageri Adventure, 3/1996--started in a class, design by Mary Ellen Hopkins; 36 blocks made, can't decide if it needs more blocks or what to do for a border.  TOP FINISHED 7/25/15

2. Baltimore Album applique, 2/99--I joined a monthly class to work on Baltimore Album blocks from books by Elly Sienkiewicz. I especially enjoyed the papercut blocks like those in the bottom row and top center.

3. Ring of 8-Point Stars, 8/1999--idea based on photo in Quiter's Newsletter, March 1996, Persian Star by Mary K. Ryan. I made these star blocks, but got stuck on setting and I don't like the center of the stars.  Free to a good home.

4. Judy Martin sampler, 6/2000--blocks from Judy Martin's "The Block Book."  I no longer have most of the fabrics used in these blocks.  Available for giveaway.  Sent to Julianne in CA 4/23/13

5. Sawtooth Diamond--inspired by Diane Gaudynski quilt at Sun Prairie show 3/97, bought fabrics Oct. 2000, began piecing half-square triangles. 

6. Stack & Whack Hexagons, 11/00--made blocks as possible class sample but ended up using another fabric for the model.  These could become a kid's quilt.

7. Storm at Sea Heart, 1/01--playing with ideas inspired by Doreen Speckmann's book Pattern Play.

8. Ring Around the Stars, 5/01--this was planned to be a bed-sized quilt, but I ran out of the background check.  I bought another background and pieced a whole new top 7/2001, and that is one of my favorite quilts ever!  This piece currently measures about 49 x 63". BORDERS ADDED 1/31/2017 TOP DONE!

9. Hawaiian applique, 5/01--I had big plans to make enough blocks for a bed quilt. The lower 3 are finished, top right is about 60% done, and top left is barely started.

10. Mini Snail's Trail, 7/01 designs/samples; 6/02 piecing, need to pull more fabrics to make as planned (3-1/2" blocks)

11. LeMoyne Star Sampler (red/white/blue) 9/01--get fabrics, begin making blocks; 5/03--make more blocks, 2/2012--combine w/ RWB Scrap Club blocks

12. LeMoyne Stars 6" blocks, primary colors, 9/01--these four blocks are all that got done, but there are a few more cut out & I love the way they look

13. Jewels in the Sky, 10/01--Karen K. Stone pattern "Jewels in the Garden"

11/01 cutting strips of blue/blacks and yellow/oranges, begin foundation piecing but not sure I like how it is turning out

14. Snowflakes, 11/01--started foundation piecing with pattern on the right, didn't even finish one block, similar pattern on left is from Quiltmaker Nov./Dec. 03

15. Feathered Stars,12/01--planned to make eight more feathered star blocks like this one for the center of a quilt, this is the only block done, measures 17"

16. Dutch Tiles, 2/2002--started in a class, approximately 35 or more blocks made, need to figure out how many I still need & how to finish this.

17. Simple Symmetry #1--pattern by Paula Nadelstern in Quilters Newsletter, Jan./Feb. 2002, cutting & piecing May/June 2002

18. Placemats, 6/2002?--a guild I used to belong to had a placemat contest each year, and all the entries were then given to a Meals on Wheels group.  These were started as extras for that program but never finished.

19. Jacob's Ladder, 7/2002--4 blocks pieced for possible class sample, more strip sets & half-square triangles made.

20. Diamond pineapple, 5/2003--1st block made in workshop with Sharon Rexroad, 7 more blocks made later, need to figure out setting/finishing plan.


21. Convergence Quilts, 10/04--after buying the book by Ricky Tims, I made several small pieces using different fabric pairings. None of them excited me enough to go any further with them.

22. Boston Fiesta, 4/2005--inspired by quilt at Paducah 4/2004, bought fabrics in Somerset, MA, began making samples/piecing blocks, 24 blocks done

23. French Braid, 4/2010--begin panel for back door, more piecing 6/2010, needs borders & finishing as Roman shade

24. Simple Symmetry #2, 5/2010--class with Paula Nadelstern--my fabric was not a great choice, not enough contrast?

25. Shooting Stars, 5/2010--started in a class, made 2 blocks.

26. Paisley placemats--begun fall 2010?, 6 placemats & tablerunner completed 5/2012, plan to make 6 more placemats  2 done 10/2013

27. Orca Bay, 11/2011--my first attempt at a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I fell far behind rather quickly and set this project aside.  String blocks are not my favorite.  This may become a small Christmas wallhanging or tabletopper.

28. April 2012 Color Palette Challenge--my first time with English paper pieced hexagons

29. Grandmother's Choice, 9/2012--I started this Barbara Brackman Block of the Week last fall and kept up just fine for a few months, but lost interest.  Anybody want these blocks?  Sent to Julianne in CA 4/23/13

30. Easy Street, 11/2012--another Bonnie Hunter mystery, this one was much easier and more manageable.  I was able to keep up with the steps and got the center of my quilt together in January, 2013.  Need to figure out a border.

To tell the truth, I was afraid there would be many more (but I know there are still some lurking in the closet, plus a whole box of unquilted tops.) Of the 26 shown here, there are 9 that I still really like and definitely plan to finish someday, 12 that I hope to finish, but don't hold your breath, and 5 that I am ready to give up on (throw away or give away.) Now I just need to come up with a plan for how to get more of these done and start fewer new projects, one of my major goals for this year.  All suggestions welcome!

5/28--The total number went up to an even 30, but when you subtract the two that were sent away to Julianne in CA, that brings me back to 28. I haven't recounted how many I defintely hope to finish or how many might never see the light of day again. The goal now is to get some FINISHED!

Happy quilting!

Julie in GA


  1. I would love to see you finish the diamond pineapple. It is very striking!

  2. Boston Fiesta is great. Keep on keepin' on.


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