Thursday, March 18, 2021

Orphan Adoption--Grassy Creek

Update Wed. 3/24/21--This giveaway is closed. The winner is Erin and she has been contacted by email. Watch for new orphan giveaways in September.

It is time once again for one of my favorite events, the Spring 2021 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event, hosted by Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework. This twice-yearly giveaway is the perfect opportunity to clear out some old projects that I am ready to admit I have lost interest in and pass them on to someone who will be happy to finish them. The recipient is happy to get a new project, and I get rid of the guilt of having another UFO hanging around, plus I empty out one of my project boxes.

One of the orphans I gave away last fall was a set of four Jacob's Ladder blocks, plus enough parts to make more. I was very happy to receive an email a couple months later with a photo of this finished quilt top made from those parts. It was going to be given to someone recovering from serious auto accident injuries. I am thrilled that my UFO was able to bring someone else some happiness and comfort.

I have participated in the Orphan Adoption several times before, and most of those times I have given away old UFOs that I knew I would never get around to finishing. This year is different--I am giving away leftover pieces from two different recent projects. The first group comes from Grassy Creek, the Bonnie Hunter 2020 mystery quilt. 

My Grassy Creek giveaway will include the six large blocks shown in the above photo, plus 34 of the little green and orange 9-patches (there are 21 of them in the photo.) The large blocks finish at 12" and the 9-patches at 3". The taupe with white dots fabric that you see between the blocks is not included--that is the flannel that covers my design wall.

Bonnie's clues for the mystery are not posted on her blog anymore, but you can purchase a PDF of the pattern. When I made my version of Grassy Creek, I changed my color palette partway through and decided to avoid the brighter oranges and greens that you see in these blocks. That is why I ended up with so many extras, and now they can be yours!

I have one other orphan available for adoption, the leftover pieces from my recent Blooming Onion quilt top. You can find that listing HERE.

Leave a comment to let me know if you would like to adopt this orphan project. Shipping in the U.S. only. Please be sure to include your email address so I can contact the winner. I will choose a random winner next Tuesday, March 23Get your comment in by noon that day. Be sure to check out the rest of the quilty orphans over at Quilting is more fun than Housework. 

Julie in GA


  1. Thank goodness for those quilting angels that are willing to take our unloved projects and turn them into something wonderful. Love that Jacob's Ladder quilt.

    I also love the colors in your grassy creek blocks. Someone is going to have a quick quilt finish if they want :)

  2. A wonderful project for our quilt ministry group, I'll put my name in for a chance! Thanks for offering up these great projects.

  3. I love your Grassy Creek leftovers. The quilts I make go to our guild's community service project for the women's shelter and the drug treatment facility specifically, because I don't make baby sized quilts. I would love to have your "leftovers".

  4. I would love to adopt your Grassy Creek leftovers. I am sad that I was too busy this year to join in the mystery, but I saved all the clues and would love to do it this summer once school is out. Thanks for offering up your extras!

  5. What a great little item up for adoption!! Laid out like you have to would make a great little comfort quilt!! Or a mini Grassy Creek - How fun this would be to finish ( I'm in!)

  6. I am willing to adopt the left overs of your Grassy Creek, as I only made 6 blocks so it would complement very well what I already have and then it could be a more "normal" size quilt

  7. I followed along with Grassy Creek, but didn't participate as I was still finishing up last year's mystery. Orange and green are my two favorite colors, and I'd love a chance to add to these blocks and finish up a mini Grassy Creek.

  8. Love the orphan adoption Idea! Don't want any blocks but it is a great idea! Can't wait to see the results !

  9. You know, your leftover Grassy Creek blocks would be perfect for one of the cuddle quilts that our guild makes for donation to the local hospitals' pediatric units. These bright, cheerful colors would be like wrapping a suffering family in the warmth of the sun. And the fact that it's orange/yellow/green rather than gendered pinks or blues gives greater flexibility to the hospital staff without having to worry about "boy quilts" versus "girl quilts."


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