Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday--Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Two weeks ago I showed my first quilt, a Double Irish Chain that my sister Karen and I made together in 1995 for our brother's wedding. The following year I made my first baby quilt for my brother's son Devin.

Here are the fabrics I used. The white-on-white was the background, and the tone-on-tone pieces were all used for pinwheels. The large piece on the left was the backing.

The pattern I used was a pinwheel variation by Trudie Hughes from her 1993 book Quilts to Fit Beds. Trudie was an early designer of rotary-cut patterns and published many great books and patterns. My quilting was minimal, mostly just stitch in the ditch. Seeing this quilt now makes me want to make the pattern again, maybe with the addition of a border.

Check out other Throwback Thursday quilt posts at Krista QuiltsEven better, add your own post to the link-up. We'd love to see your quilts from the past! I am also linking up to Let's Make Baby Quilts at Michelle's Romantic Tangle.

Julie in GA


  1. Very pretty! I agree - that pattern is tempting. Thanks for linking up today.

  2. A delightful, colorful quilt that I'm sure Devin enjoyed very much. I'm sure the simple quilting was a good choice for a little boy.

  3. I like it, Julie! That backing fabric reflects the d├ęcor colors of the time. Very graphic design and worth doing again.

  4. Beautifully done! What colors would you use if you made another one?


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