Monday, August 10, 2015

Design Wall Monday 8/10/15

The past weekend was a classic case of having time to quilt, but not being able to figure out what project to work on. I spent some time on Saturday sorting through a few boxes that held scraps and bits left over from past projects. I am always more interested in moving on to the next quilt, and somehow the boxes of leftovers sit around for years instead of being put away in the scrap drawers and shelves.

My design wall shows some blocks from a few different projects that I found in my exploration. On the left side are four Ohio Star blocks from back when I used to teach quilting classes. The two stars with yellow were already made, and I finished the two with the orange. I made the two striped blocks at the center from shirt scraps, and I am dying to start a whole quilt with shirt fabrics, but this doesn't seem like the right time. The 3 nine-patch in a square blocks are left from my Storm at Sea quilt, and they have been my recent leader/ender pieces.

On the right side is a collection of nine-patches and squares that I found in a ziploc bag. The original plan had been to make a small Blooming Nine-Patch quilt, but after making this group of blocks, I felt that the fabrics blended together too much. It's almost impossible to see any of the seams in the nine-patches. Here is a closer view.

I have been playing with some other ideas for those blocks, but none of my ideas are exciting me, so these blocks will probably end up going back into that bag and get filed away until I run across them again on a future excavation. 

The next box I came to had scraps and leftover blocks from another nine-patch quilt. Now these might be just the ticket! Maybe it's the fact that schools are starting up that makes these fall colors appealing to me. I still have more of all the fabrics, so I can make additional blocks. Time to come up with a new plan!

I am linking up to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times and to Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt. Check them both out for lots of amazing quilting inspiration!

Julie in GA


  1. Lots of potential for all of those blocks. I like the layout you have up one the design wall for the 9 patch and squares quilt, where from a distance you can see distinct diagonals. It would be a fun quilt for a kiddo, with all those bright fabrics.

  2. I agree with Kate... your layout on the design wall would be great for a child. I really like your last quilt, too. There's something calming and soothing about your fabrics and blocks.

  3. I love your dark 9-patches for fall! I see what you mean about the 9-patches getting lost in the busy fabrics on your design wall. Been there, done that, unfortunately, so I know how bummed you must feel after sewing all those fabrics together and being so careful with seam matching and then realizing that no one can see any of the seams anyway! It would still make a lovely quilt, though. And you know, you might just be able to make the piecing lines stand out better depending on how you chose to quilt it. If you stitch in the ditch and then vary the density of the quilting on different fabrics, you can make the less densely quilted fabrics pop forward more. Using different thread colors would help that, too.

  4. What fun it must be in your sewing room! What a great layout for that bright colored fabrics, love the transition of shapes. I had to look twice at those nine patch blocks, they layout really doesn't look like nine patches, tricky tricky


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