Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday--Ocean Waves

I joined my first quilt guild in the fall of 1997, two years after I started quilting. One of their activities was an annual quilt challenge, and that first year the theme was Amish. I researched Amish quilts, checking out many books from the library. I especially liked An Amish Adventure by Roberta Horton. The pattern I chose to make was an Ocean Waves quilt. 

Ocean Waves Quilt 1998
Honeybees Guild Amish Challenge
43" x 56"

This quilt was my first experience making lots of HSTs. I used the bias strips technique that I learned from a book by Marsha McCloskey. I just discovered a recent blog post from her explaining this process. You can find it HERE. The pieces shown in the photos below were made for another quilt, but use the same technique. I find this method to be extremely accurate for making lots of HSTs, and less tedious than making them oversized and trimming down.

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Julie in GA


  1. Love all the bright colors in your Ocean Waves quilt. I guess that is typical of Amish quilts, lots of bright colors. I've never tried making HSTs with that method. I've seen it in a few books, I wasn't sure I could stitch it accurately enough for the HSTs to come out right.

  2. Your determination paid off in a beautiful quilt! I haven't tried that method either. I did try the one where you cut one square at a time from the bias strip set, but I found I overcut and wasted a lot of fabric. I don't think it every occured to me that I could just cut strips from the bias set .... hmmm.

  3. That's an interesting technique for 1/2 square triangles. I may just have to try that out. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday today.

  4. Yours is a wonderful example of Amish quilts. I saw a museum exhibit of them and they just glowed with color, like yours. I checked out Marsha's post, but could not understand it, and your pics looked different and easier. I still am afraid of HSTs, but maybe it will come to me.


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