Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scrappy Purple Stars

I was excited at the choice of purple for February's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.  I have plenty of purple in my stash.  Then I started pulling fabrics for "Dancing Stars", the blocks I am making in each month's color.  I am using solid black for the backgrounds, with a bright and a light of the color of the month for the stars.  The pattern is from a quilt-along at Amy's Creative Side

The problem I had with my fabrics was that my darker purples tend to blend in with the black background.  I have been trying to pull out the ones that show up better against black.  Many of my light purple fabrics are 30's repros.

Here are my first four purple blocks for this month.

Check out this week's projects featuring purple for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.



  1. I guess dark purple does look a lot like black. The shades you found stand out great though. 4 more fun blocks to add to the collection. Looking good.

  2. Pretty Dancing Stars, I find my dark purples to be very dark, even hard to photograph.

  3. I LOVE your dancing stars Julie!!! They just sparkle! I had the same problem with my purples last year on my Rainbow Pineapples. The really gorgeous darker purples blended into the black and disappeared. You've chosen well for these :*)

  4. LOVE your pretty dancing purple stars

  5. Perfect purple choices to stand out against the black. Those stars are just so fun to see.

  6. What a wonderful block! Your purples stars look gorgeous!


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