Tuesday, February 5, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

In this weeks' post for the 15 Minute Challenge, Kate talks about the value of having a dedicated space for your quilting.  I can certainly testify that it is a very valuable commodity.  When I was single, my quilting tended to take over large portions of my home.  In my last apartment, I turned the whole living and dining rooms into a quilting area. It definitely makes a big difference to leave my sewing machine set up and my current project(s) ready to be resumed.

This has been a very good week for finding time to quilt.  I managed to work on at least one project every day.  It works well for me having a hand-sewing project (the Hidden 9-Patch binding) that I can do while watching (or mostly listening to) TV with my husband in the evenings.

Tues., 1/29--Hidden 9-Patch binding
Wed., 1/30--RWB Pineapples
Thurs., 1/31--RWB Pineapples
Friday, 2/1--Hidden 9-Patch binding
Sat., 2/2--Dancing Stars, RWB Pineapples
Sun., 2/3--RWB Pineapples, Dancing Stars
Mon., 2/4--Dancing Stars, Hidden 9-Patch binding

Here are the pineapple blocks that I finished over the weekend.  Those chunks of time added up to four fabulous blocks.

Check out Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time and space for creativity.



  1. Those pineapples are amazing! Beautiful! Having a hand sewing project sounds like a great idea to make sure evenings watching TV aren't wasted.

  2. Nice work finding time to sew everyday. Your pineapple blocks are lovely!

  3. Great week! Beautiful pineapple blocks! Hand work is definitely a good thing to have on hand for those nights sitting at the sewing machine just isn't practical.


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