Tuesday, February 26, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

In this month's 15 Minute Challenge posts, Kate has been focusing on our quilting spaces.  Today she showed a couple of books about how to make the most of our sewing rooms.  Another great book on this topic is Lois Hallock's 

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space and Any Budget.  Lois is a professional organizer and a quilter.  In her book, she shows before and after photos of quilting spaces of all types and sizes that she has helped redesign.

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space: Sewing-Room Makeovers for Any Space and Any Budget

I haven't had much chance for quilting this week because I needed to spend most of my time working on a costume project.  That needs to be finished up in the next week or so.  It's also likely that I will need to work next Saturday, which means even less time available for quilting.

Here's a photo of part of my costume project.  It is going to be a pair of breeches.  The dark stripe consists of a piece of black brocade covered with a strip of  black and silver lace, and that is covered with two layers of black tulle.  Then it gets black piping down both edges.  Very slow work.  The waistband and kneebands also all have piping around them.  The fabrics are beautiful, but the work is going slowly.

Tues., 2/19--costume project
Wed., 2/20--costume project, Dancing Stars
Thur., 2/21--costume project
Fri., 2/22--costume project, Hidden 9-Patch hanging sleeve
Sat., 2/23--Dancing Stars, Hidden 9-Patch hanging sleeve
Sun., 2/24--costume project, Storm at Sea hanging sleeve
Mon., 2/25--costume project

Check out the 15 Minute Challenge posts at Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time and space for creativity. 



  1. You've been at your machine all week and you still managed 4 days to work on quilt projects. Do you sometimes get so burned out on the costume work that you don't even want to look at your machine?

    Thanks for the book suggestion. I remember seeing that one somewhere, but I don't think I ever looked at it.

    The fabrics in your costume are gorgeous, but all the lace and tulle can be a pain to work with. I used to make my own costumes back in collage and did one that was a lace overlay on muslin. It turned out well, but boy I wouldn't want to make another one like it!

    Thanks for linking up this week.

  2. Another book to look at .. thanks for the tip and great week. especially if you sew for work. I can imagine it could be hard to stay motivated to sew for fun too!


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