Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stash Report Sunday 4/12/15

The past week was unexpectedly productive for me, ending with three finished quilt tops. I added the border and prepared the back for my 16-Patch Stars quilt, which you can see here. I also finished putting together the top for my Dutch Tiles quilt which I showed in this blog post

The third quilt was Bowtie Chevrons. This was a quick finish because I had made most of the blocks last year when I was making a baby quilt. They just needed to be joined together. Yesterday I made the last few blocks, stitched them all together, and added the borders. Here's a shot with the two fabrics I was considering for borders. I'll have a photo of the completed top in tomorrow's post.

16-Patch Stars border and back            5.75
Bowtie Chevrons--10 blocks, borders     1.25

Used this week:                       7.0 yards     
Used year to date:                 38.5 yards

Stashed this week:                    0  yards
Stashed year to date:        23.875 yards 

Net year to date:              14.625 yards used

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Julie in GA


  1. I like the red border best, but then I'm biased... red's my favorite color. The blue would look good, too. (That doesn't help you much. LOL) A great quilt either way.

  2. I agree with Terri - the red sets it off the best. True the blue looks good but I think the red is better. And I generally love blue better so the red must be better. :) ~Melanie

  3. Congratulations on your great finishes!


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