Saturday, April 11, 2015

Playing with Purple

One of my projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 is bowtie blocks, and I have been trying to make 45-50 blocks each month. When I found out that purple was the color of the month for April, I wasn't sure I would have enough purple scraps to make that many blocks. I was pleasantly surprised to discover plenty of choices, and have completed 33 blocks so far. I have another 15 or so blocks cut out and ready to stitch. 

Rainbow Bowties
4" blocks

I pulled out a box of blocks that were extras when I made a baby quilt for a co-worker last year. It turns out that these blocks perfectly match the colors we have been assigned for the RSC for the first 4 months this year--blue, pink, yellow and purple. I played with a few layout ideas, ending up with this chevron design. Now I'm ready to start sewing them together.

Bowtie Chevrons
5" blocks

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Julie in GA


  1. Your bow ties in purple AND the bow tie chevrons are lovely. I have hardly any purple scraps so am pretty much done unless I find a few little bits and bobs...hugs, Julierose

  2. I love your purple bowties. I finally started making some a few weeks ago and enjoy making them.

  3. Love your two quilts. They look great in their respective settings.
    Thanks for sharing them

  4. Ooh, what a great layout for bow ties!

  5. Love the chevron setting! What a beautiful quilt.

  6. What a sweet baby quilt that will be!!

  7. Very pretty layout for your bow tie blocks.

  8. Love all your blocks! Colorful and happy.

  9. Oh, what an unusual layout for bowties. How cute is that!

  10. Holy cow! I had no idea you were making so many bow ties each month. It's helpful to have them ready to sew up into a quick quilt though, isn't it?


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