Tuesday, July 2, 2013

15 Minute Challenge 7/2/13

This is my last week of time off before we start back to work at the theater. The upcoming season looks like a busy one, which may have an impact on the amount of time I have for quilting. I have managed to find time for quilting or other projects on 159 days out of 182 days total so far this year. That comes to a little over 87%. I don't know how to make charts and graphs like Kate has on her post today, but I feel pretty good about my numbers this year and hope I can stay on track for the rest of the year.

One thing that has helped me be able to make progress on quilting projects almost every day is to keep at least one hand stitching project prepared at all times. I usually have binding that can be stitched down while watching TV, and I have been foundation piecing by hand as a travel project. I might be able to continue doing that when I go back to work if it is possible for me to stitch on the train commute.

6/25 - 7/1
Tuesday--Turning Leaves binding
Wednesday--yellow & blue 9-patch, Turning Leaves binding
Thursday--yellow & blue 9-patch
Friday--yellow & blue 9-patch
Saturday--Dresden Stars class, yellow & blue 9-patch (top done!) 
Sunday--Dresden Stars
Monday--Dresden Stars

Check out the 15 Minute Challenge posts at Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time for their creative pursuits. 

Julie in GA


  1. You had a really great week. Almost 90% success rate, that's really good. That's one thing I've found useful is having projects in all states of finish. It does make it easier to find something if to fit into your evening or road trip.

  2. You did have a good week, and are showing great success overall too. Maybe the momentum will carry you through the hectic days that are coming.


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