Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dancing Stars--teal & others 7/27/13

I finished up four more teal/turquoise Dancing Stars this week. I also made one orange and two pink blocks from pieces that had been cut earlier in the year. 

Here is the whole group of 14 teal/turquoise stars for the month.

Before I put away what was left of my teal and turquoise scraps, I cut rectangles and laid them out as Crossroads blocks. I can't remember where I first saw this pattern. There are links to two different tutorials here and here. I really like the way they look and thought it was time to give the pattern a try. I haven't cut anything for the background fabric yet, but I am liking the way these pieces look on my pale grey cutting mat. 

I am linking up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013, where you can see all sorts of wonderful ways that other quilters have been using their teal and turquoise scraps this month. 

Julie in GA


  1. So fun Julie! Your dancing stars are so full of energy and delight!

  2. Your dancing stars are fabulous. I am way behind on mine, note to self...get a move on with them!! Your fabrics are lovely.

  3. LOVE those dancing stars and your crossroads are going to be beautiful too!

  4. Fun new blocks and those stars just keep getting prettier the more of them you make.

  5. Remind me again - how big are the dancing stars blocks? What size do you reckon the finished quilt will be? Looking forward to seeing all the stars assembled when the year is over! Have fun with the Crossroads block - I have been tempted (resisting so far) to give it a try, too.

  6. The Dancing Stars blocks finish at 6" each. I am planning to make a throw quilt which calls for 98 blocks and finishes around 60 x 68". If I ever make this pattern again, I might make bigger blocks.


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