Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scrappy Design Wall

My design wall is currently covered with the beginning of a back for the scrappy quilt top that I showed last week (see it HERE.) The back is made from bigger chunks of the old fabric scraps that Mom has been saving. I cut the fabrics into 6-1/2", 8-1/2", and 10-1/2" strips. They will be pieced together into columns, then the columns will be joined together. I need a back that measures about 67" x 80", and there should be more than enough here.

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Julie in GA

Stash Report Sunday 7/26/15

It feels good to move back into black numbers this week. I made 12 blocks to add to my Curves & Cornerstones project, using 1.5 yards; you can see more about that in yesterday's post. I also used 3/8 yard for applique circle blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and 3 yards making pillowcases to go along with three Quilts of Valor. No stash additions this week.


Used this week:                4.875 yards     
Used year to date:              97.0 yards

Stashed this week:                  0 yards
Stashed year to date:         93.0 yards 

Net year to date:              4 yards used

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Julie in GA

Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Red UFO

Several months ago I had the idea of working on old UFOs as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. My selection of which project to work on is based on our color of the month. Sometimes I don't have time for a UFO, but I have managed to make progress on a few. I have been anxiously waiting for our red month because I knew exactly which project I wanted to finish.

I call this quilt "Curves and Cornerstones." The pattern is a log cabin variation that was designed by Mary Ellen Hopkins. I started this quilt in a class in 1996! That's nearly 20 years ago! That means it is also one of my oldest UFOs because I started quilting in 1995. I was mostly working with fabrics from my stash, and I didn't have a lot to choose from back then.

I made 36 blocks to start with and joined them all together, giving me a panel that measured about 60" square. (You can't quite see the two sides in the above photo.) I played with lots of ideas for borders to make it big enough for my bed, but none of them were working for me. It didn't help that I had used up two of my fabrics. I packed the whole thing away in a box around 1998. It would reappear from time to time, but I never came up with any brilliant solutions to the border problem. 

A year or so ago I was photographing all of my UFOs and really enjoyed seeing this piece again. I pulled a couple of fabrics from my stash as possible substitutes for the ones that were used up. The new plan was to make 12 more blocks, adding a row to the top and bottom of what I already had, turning it into a good-sized throw quilt measuring around 60" x 80". 

So far I have made 8 blocks and have 4 left to finish. The following photo shows a row of new blocks along the top edge. I hope to finish the rest of the blocks sometime this weekend and get them all sewn to the quilt top. It will be such a satisfying feeling to turn this very old project into a quilt top.

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Julie in GA

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Design Wall Sunday/Monday 7/20/15

Yesterday I finished adding the final border to the third scrappy quilt top made from the collection of scraps my mother had saved for many years. Check out this post to see the other two tops. For this one, I made the grey outer border wider than the sashing strips--the sashing is 1.5" and the border will finish at 2.5".

One of the best things about making these quilts has been playing with all the wonderful old fabrics. Some we remembered quite easily what was made from them, and others were long forgotten. Here are some close-up shots of a few blocks.

Check out the two matching prints in the above photo--the dark pink with lighter pink flowers and the light green right next to it. My sister and I had matching dresses out of those fabrics plus the reverse of each (light pink background with darker pink flowers, etc.) My dress had the pink fabrics and hers was green. It was such fun to make something with them again!

As you can tell from a closer look, many of the fabrics date back to the 1960s and 70s, some even earlier. Mom refers to the oldest ones as B.C. (before children.) So many fun fabrics and just as many wonderful memories all put together! It has been a special treat making these quilts, and I can't wait to get them finished. Thanks Mom for hanging on to all those fabric scraps. I promise we'll get the rest out of your house before too long!

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Julie in GA

Stash Report Sunday 7/19/15

No change to my stash report this week. I have been doing lots of cutting, but not enough stitching to count anything. Maybe next week? 


Used this week:                        0  yards     
Used year to date:            92.125 yards

Stashed this week:                  0  yards
Stashed year to date:          93.0 yards 

Net year to date:           .875 yards stashed

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Julie in GA

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Red Scraps for Saturday

Progress on my two projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge has been very limited due to being out of town for much of the month. Since I have so little to show that is finished, I will share a little about how I work on these scrappy quilts.

My strips are sorted by color in a way similar to Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User's System. You can read about her method and see photos HERE. I have three little rolling carts with 10 drawers in each, and they are all filled with my scrap strips, sorted by color and size. This keeps them nice and neat, which makes cutting go faster. Here are two of the drawers of reds--on the left are 1.5", 1.75" and 2" strips, the drawer on the right is all 2.5" strips.

Yesterday I pulled out my red 2.5" and 1.5" strips to cut pieces for my rainbow bowtie blocks. I went through the strips in those sizes, choosing the fabrics I want to use in these blocks. As usual, I have selected many more fabrics than I need!

When it's time for cutting, I like to work with three strips at a time, all folded in half. I pick out three 2.5" strips, then make sure I have matching 1.5" strips of the same fabrics. They get stacked up and are ready to be cut. I need one pair of squares of each size for one bowtie block, but since I have all these fabrics laid out and ready for cutting, I am cutting three sets of each fabric (if my strips are long enough.)

The next photo shows my pairs of squares cut from the three strips. You can see that one of the smaller squares is missing a corner. That is okay for this pattern, because I am stitching corner-to-corner on the small squares. 

The next photo shows all of the squares I have cut so far. The two groups on the left have both sizes matched up together, and the stacks on the right side are extra squares that will go into my bins of pre-cut squares, waiting for a future scrappy project.

Here are my first few red bowtie blocks all stitched up.

I now have enough red squares cut to make tons of beautiful bowtie blocks (once I add 2.5" squares of background fabric to the mix.) I hope to have more time in the next week to finish up the rest of my blocks for July.

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Julie in GA

Monday, July 13, 2015

Design Wall Monday 7/13/15

The Improv Scrappy blocks that my sister and I were making together last month have been joined together into a quilt top. We are planning to make a total of three throw quilts/wallhangings with our blocks.

Another group of blocks have been joined into this second top. This one includes a scrappy pieced border and will get a final wider border of the grey solid.

The fabrics in these blocks all came from many bags of scraps that date back several decades when our mother used to make clothing for all of us. We've had such a good time reminiscing about the garments that were made from these wonderful prints.

I am linking up to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Timeswhere you can see all sorts of amazing quilting inspiration! I am also linking up to Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt and with Scraptastic Tuesday hosted by Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow.

Julie in GA

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