Sunday, November 1, 2020

Stitching and DeStashing--Week 44, 2020

It has been an interesting week around here, not all in a good way. Hurricane Zeta was down to a tropical storm by the time it passed through our area early Thursday morning. Fortunately, we had made coffee before the storm knocked out the power. At least we didn't have to face the day without our caffeine fix! We didn't have any damage, but there were many trees down all over the area. We were without electricity for 16 hours on Thursday, and about 4 hours again on Friday. Just another couple of crazy days in 2020, but I know we were much luckier than many people.

My quilting time was productive for the week, with two sets of blocks being completed. I used 1.5 yards in the remaining blocks for the Alaska QAL, and also used 1.75 yards in Step 3 of Alycia's mystery. Here are some of the blocks from Steps 1 and 3.

Used last week:                             3.25 yards
Used year to date:                      176.50 yards
Added last week:                              0.0 yards
Added year to date:                        53.0 yards
Net used year to date             123.50 yards

Kate's 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces has us tracking how many days each week we get in at least 15 minutes of quilting time. I managed to get my 15 minutes every day last week, even the day we were without electricity due to Zeta. I couldn't use my sewing machine or iron, but I was able to sort through and cut up some scraps from the Alaska QAL, plus I played with some design ideas for how to make that quilt longer.

15 Minute Challenge:  
10/25 - 10/31            7 of 7 days
2020 Total          296 of 305 days

Check out more stash reports at quiltpaintcreate and join the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces. 

Happy quilting and stay safe everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. Your blocks look great. Whatever did you do during all that time with the power out - I go a little nuts after a few hours! Glad you didn't have any other damage.

  2. I love your blocks for Alycia's Mystery. I wanted to play along again this year, but I'm trying to resist temptation to start new projects. I'll just have enjoy watching your version come together. It is miserable to loose power for that long, hopefully it wasn't cold as well as wet. Oklahoma had freezing rain Tuesday and Wednesday last week, the falling limbs took out lots of power lines. My Mom still doesn't have power.


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