Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Quilting Summary

Like many bloggers, the end of the year is a good time to share a look back at my quilt production for the year. 2015 was an especially good year for me on working through some of my UFOs. I made great progress on several UFOs, assembling 9 UFO quilt tops and completely finishing two UFO quilts. I also finished four other quilts and 5 tops that were started in 2015.

For the past few years, one of my quilting goals has been to finish more projects than I began in that year. For 2015, I started many more new quilt projects than in recent years, a total of 21 throughout the year. A few were ongoing projects, some were started in classes, and others were test blocks to see if I wanted to move ahead with an idea or pattern. 

Of the unfinished new projects I started in 2015, there are two that I hope to turn into finished tops in the next couple of weeks, and two or three others will become on-going projects for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016. There are only a couple of new projects from 2015 that are joining the UFO collection.

Click on any of the quilt names for more info about that quilt.



Dutch Tiles (begun in 2002), 88" x 97"

 Easy Street (Bonnie Hunter's 2012 Mystery), 60" x 81" 

 Boston Fiesta (started 2005), 60" x 74"

 Green Blooming 9Patch (leftovers from a 2005 project), 57" x 76"

Improv in Green (leftovers from a 2005 project), 62" x 78.5"

 Rainbow LeMoyne 12" Stars (RSC 2014)  53.5 x 68"


Curves and Cornerstones  (started 1996!), 59" x 79"

Hidden 9Patch Leftovers (from 2000?), 59" x 69.5"

 Diagonal Squares baby quilt  40.5" x 48.5"

Wonky Stars QOV (made with my sister) 60" x 78"

Circling the Rainbow (RSC 2015)  51" x 62"


Bowtie Chevrons (blocks leftover from 2014 quilt), 48" x 58"     

Dancing Stars (started 1/2013 for Rainbow Scrap Challenge) 60" x 77"

Strippy Baby Quilt, 36" x 43"

Improv Scrappy x 3 from Mom's saved scraps (made with my sister)


Julie in GA


  1. You had a very successful 2016, lots of pretty quilts. Moving those UFOs towards completion has to feel really good. Wishing you an equally productive 2016.

  2. Awesome quilts! You did a great job in getting many of your UFO's completed or moved to a higher state of completion. Good luck in the coming year and looking forward to viewing you accomplishments.


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