Tuesday, January 25, 2022

To-Do Tuesday 1/25/2022

Welcome to another Tuesday To-Do List! Today we will review how I did on my previous list. then come up with a new set of goals for the week ahead. The Tuesday To-Do List link-up is hosted by Linda at Texas Quilt Gal.

The past week included time spent on machine quilting, hand applique, joining blocks and adapting a border. I am very pleased to have gotten through my entire list.

To-Do List for 1/18/22 - 1/24/22
1. Rainbow LeMoyne baby quilt--continue quilting       ✔done
All the stars have been quilted, and I've made a start on the background around them. Here's one star from both the front and the back (it's easier to see the quilting on the back.)

2. Bowties 365--cut setting fabric, begin joining blocks together  ✔done
The setting fabric is cut and I have started stitching blocks together into sections. 

3. Hearts Applique--stitch at least one red block   ✔done
Two more hearts blocks are done.
4. Storm at Sea Heart--add neutral border   ✔done
The first border is done, and you can read more about it in yesterday's post.
5. Feathered Star SAHRR--add curves to border   ✔done
You can see my progress in this post.

My list for the next week has all of the same projects on it. I'm hoping to continue moving forward on each of these quilts.
To-Do List for 1/25/22 - 1/31/22
1. Rainbow LeMoyne baby quilt--finish quilting and bind (my OMG for January)
2. Bowties 365--continue joining blocks together
3. Hearts Applique--stitch at least one red block
4. Storm at Sea Heart--add outer border
5. Feathered Star SAHRR--add diamonds to border

I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Texas Quilt Gal.

Julie in GA 


  1. I love the quilting and indeed the star of the baby quilt. The bowties top looks really fun and so rainbows! All the best for the coming week. Kathryn Quilts

  2. I absolutely love the effect of the bowtie blocks! The thumbnail at a linky party sucked me in.

  3. Nice bowties! That star baby quilt is going to be a stunner, love the turtle fabric.
    Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday!


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