Thursday, January 6, 2022

One Monthly Goal (OMG)--January 2022

One of my many quilting goals for 2022 is to finish more quilts. I have no problem making plenty of quilt tops, but getting them quilted and finished is much harder for me. I'm hoping to at least quilt up some of the smaller pieces I've made and also to experiment more with Quilt As You Go for larger quilts.

A recent finished top is the Rainbow LeMoyne quilt. I had found a stack of leftover LeMoyne Star blocks from several years ago, made a few more, and joined them all together into this cute little quilt.

My One Monthly Goal for January is to get this quilted and bound. I've already started the quilting, but have gotten stuck on how to quilt the stars. I'm hoping inspiration returns soon!

You can see what other quilters are hoping to get done this month at the One Monthly Goal link-up at Elm Street Quilts.

Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA 


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