Monday, April 12, 2021

Design Wall Monday--4/12/2021

There are some days when I have time I can spend in the sewing room, but I can't figure out what to work on. This is most likely to happen when I have just finished a big project like completing a quilt top or making a set of monthly blocks. Sometimes I want to quilt, but my brain can't handle anything complicated. That's when I pull out the crumbs and strings. 

Our April color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is light blue. I made six light blue crumb blocks and two string blocks a few days ago. I also finished off one yellow string block. These blocks currently measure 6.5" each.

When I went to put the blocks away, I discovered a good-sized stack of crumb blocks in other colors and decided to see how they looked on the design wall together. 

Isn't that a cheery collection of blocks! If I made three more, they could become a baby quilt, 36" x 48". On the other hand, there are a couple of colors missing (pink and orange.) If I make blocks with those colors and maybe add a few more to the colors that are short (yellow, aqua/teal), I could end up with a throw quilt. 80 blocks set 8 x 10 would make a quilt that measures 48" x 60". For now, they will go back in the box until I get inspired to pull them out again.

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Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA  


  1. I've been making crumb blocks in 4.5" and 6.5" with no purpose in mind. I should inventory them and see if there is enough to do anything with.

  2. You needed a "palate cleanser project!" Your crumb blocks look great, whether you wrap it up at baby quilt size or enlarge it to a throw. My scrap bins are outta control lately; I am going to need to come up with a scrap buster project like this when I wrap up the big WIPs that are currently on my plate. Looking at the blocks on your wall, I'm imagining piecing similarly colored crumbs together like that and then cutting circles out of them. I wonder whether I could still turn the edges of the circles smoothly with all those seams?

  3. Those light blues look really good. You've figured out how to make crumb blocks that look "designed" rather than the thrown together look I create. I like what you've got going so far on your quilt. Do your blocks end up bigger than 6.5" and then you trim them to size?

  4. I agree that after a huge project or even a large event, I have the feeling - what shall I do now? Since everything was set aside to complete this big one. However, that feeling is shortlived, because some scrappy project, some squirrel is always lurking in the vicinity. Love the spots of yellow in the sea of blue - like sunshine on the ocean surface.

  5. Sorry to hear that those lovely blocks are going back in the box, Julie. They will make a wonderful quilt! I guess I'll have to wait patiently. These things take time...

  6. I love your light blue blocks. I need to get going on mine. Your crumb quilt will be lovely with the missing colors. I hope they don't wait too long!

  7. Very colorful! You definitely need a throw sized quilt from those.


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