Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 Minute Challenge 3/19/13

The past week was the first time in a while that I didn't manage to sew every night.  We have been putting in overtime at work, and some nights I just don't have the energy for sewing after I get home.  It doesn't help that my sewing room is a terrible mess. It's even harder to get going on a project if I have to clean up first.  

Tues., 3/12--Storm at Sea hanging sleeve
Wed., 3/13--none
Thur., 3/14--Storm at Sea hanging sleeve
Fri., 3/15--none
Sat., 3/16--Storm at Sea hanging sleeve
Sun., 3/17--Storm at Sea hanging sleeve
Mon., 3/18--Storm at Sea hanging sleeve

Check out the 15 Minute Challenge posts at Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time for their creativity. 



  1. Five out of seven is still pretty good .. and don't you sew at work as well?

    1. Yes, my day job is making costumes. We are working on "Zorro, the Musical" right now, and it has a ton of costumes.

  2. With those conditions, I think you did an extraordinary job of getting in 15 minutes on those days. There is nothing harder than trying to get work done amongst a mess. I speak from experience as I am doing the same thing.

  3. Five out of seven is a good week. I like to sew, but having to sew all day at work then come home to sew would probably be hard for me. You need a break. All that time at a machine does wear you out.


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