Tuesday, August 3, 2021

To-Do Tuesday 8/3/2021

I'm a week behind with my Tuesday to-do list because we were visiting family in Wisconsin last Tuesday. It was a wonderful trip, especially since most of the family didn't know we were coming--surprise! I took along a hand applique project and managed to find some time for it almost every day, so I did make a little forward progress.

To-Do List for 7/20 - 7/26
1. Bowties 365--make one Bowtie block each day ✔done
I ended up with 36 medium and dark blue Bowtie blocks for July.

2. Hearts Applique--prep and stitch blocks  
Four hearts blocks are finished.

3. Positivity QAL--start joining blocks together  ✔done
Half of the Positivity blocks are joined into rows.

It's time for me to get back on track with regular quilting time every day, and my to-list for next week reflects that plan.

To-Do List for 8/3 - 8/9
1. Bowties 365--make one Bowtie block each day
2. Hearts Applique--stitch at least one block
3. Make a new pouch to hold my applique project
4. Scrap Magnet--make 2 teal/turquoise blocks
3. Positivity QAL--join rows of blocks together

I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Chris Knits Melva Loves Scraps.

Julie in GA  


  1. I love your appliqued hearts! They're going to be pretty in every color. Glad you were able to go visit some family!

  2. I think a lot of us are falling behind these days, esp due to vacays. Good luck on your projects, they're looking very pretty!

  3. Well done, Julie! I’m excited to watch your appliqué hearts progress!

  4. What a pretty plus quilt! I wish I had the patience for hand applique - your hearts are really cute.

  5. I love your applique hearts. Are they needle turned? Fused?


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