Tuesday, August 10, 2021

To-Do Tuesday 8/10/2021

Today's to-do list post is going to be a rush job because I need to get moving sooner than usual for an appointment. I should have gotten this post written and ready to go last night, but it didn't happen. My apologies for the shortage of photos in today's post.

I did have a good week with the to-do list, posting check marks next to every item. 

To-Do List for 8/3 - 8/9
1. Bowties 365--make one Bowtie block each day   ✔done
Eleven bowtie blocks were made last week.
2. Hearts Applique--stitch at least one block   ✔done
Two teal/turquoise blocks completed.
3. Make a new pouch to hold my applique project   ✔done
Pouch is done and was shared in Sunday's post.
4. Scrap Magnet--make 2 teal/turquoise blocks   ✔done
These blocks were shared in Saturday's post, along with two Homespun blocks.
5. Positivity QAL--join rows of blocks together   ✔done
Half of my Positivity quilt is together!

The list for the next week includes one non-quilting project. I have been working on a coat for our local theater company's production of A Christmas Carol, and I need to put in some time on that. 

To-Do List for 8/10 - 8/16
1. Bowties 365--make one Bowtie block each day
2. Hearts Applique--stitch at least one block
3. Sew Colorful Stars--make 1 teal/turquoise block
4. Positivity QAL--make the last 6 blocks
5. Make progress on Scrooge coat

I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Chris Knits.

Julie in GA  


  1. Your Positivity QAL looks beautiful!I love the dark and clear background effect. Well done, Julie!

  2. You were very productive! I’m going to take a minute and check out your Saturday and Sunday posts! Good luck on the current list!

  3. I'm enjoying seeing your Positivity quilt progress! Such a pretty color combination. Have a great week!

  4. Yippee! You did an awesome job on that list! Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday and good luck with next week's goals.

  5. I like how you made positivity your own. Hope you keep making forward progress on it.

  6. Congrats on all the progress last week. Hope you've been able to get off to a good start this week. Love your Positivity blocks, that is such a fun quilt.


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