Tuesday, January 26, 2021

To-Do Tuesday 1/26/2021

It's Tuesday morning once again, which means it is time to look back at my to-do list from last week, see how I did on accomplishing my goals, then post a new list for the week ahead. I'm linking up with the  To-Do Tuesday Weekly Progress Update and Link-up hosted by Roseanne and Sue at Home Sewn By Us. 

My list for last week was long, but I managed to complete every goal on the list. I spent much more time than expected on #2, but the list helped me stay focused on finishing the rest of the items at the end of the week.

To-Do List for 1/19 - 1/25:
1. Bowties 365--make one bowtie block every day                     ✔done
I've gotten a little bit ahead and have 27 bowtie blocks made so far.
2. Blooming Onion--make six more blocks                                 ✔done       
Instead of making just six blocks, I made the remaining 18 blocks last week and then joined all the blocks together. You can see my finished quilt top in yesterday's post.
3. Glorified 9-Patch--make 1 block in pink                                 ✔done      
4. Grassy Creek mystery--put together two blocks                     ✔done   
5. Sewcialites QAL--make block #16                                         ✔done
Here are the blocks for goals #3-5. The two top blocks are for Grassy Creek, the white and lavender block on the right is for the Sewcialites QAL, and the pink and black block is the Glorified 9-Patch. At the bottom left is a block I made from four Double Bowtie blocks in Green Bay Packers colors. Unfortunately, they lost on Sunday, but maybe I will do something with the block before next season.

6. Stay-at-Home Round Robin (SAHRR)--add piano keys border  ✔done
I finished the piano keys border and included it in Sunday's blog post.

I had hoped that my list would be shorter for next week, but it has stayed at the same number of tasks. Most of them are continuations from previous weeks.

To-Do List for 1/26 - 2/1:
1. Bowties 365--make one bowtie block every day 
2. Stay-at-Home Round Robin (SAHRR)--add plus signs border                            
3. Glorified 9-Patch--make 2 blocks in pink                                    
4. Grassy Creek mystery--put together six blocks (working on this quilt will be my biggest project for the week)                     
5. Sewcialites QAL--make block #17                                        
6. Sew Colorful Stars--make one pink block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

That should all be plenty to keep me busy for the next week!  I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Home Sewn by Us. 

Julie in GA


  1. Nice job meeting your goals...hugs, Julierose

  2. Wow, great job this week with so many fun projects! Can't wait to see the RR.

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun doing these beautiful blocks. Good lucky for this week, Julie.

  4. Hi Julie! Wow, that is one impressive list from last week with all the checkmarks. Good job! I sure wish your bowtie block had brought the GB Packers luck. Anybody except TB in the Super Bowl, please. Good grief! I just LOVE your Grassy Creek blocks - that is going to be a stunning quilt once you've got it all together. Thanks so much for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Great job on your goals this week, Julie!! Love your pink and black glorified nine-patch block!!

  6. Wow, that’s a great week Julie!

  7. Congrats on all the progress with your Tuesday To Do. Those Grassy Creek Blocks aren't light weights, there is a lot of piecing in just one block!


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