Sunday, January 3, 2021

Stitching and DeStashing--Week 1, 2021

My final stash numbers for 2020 changed a little bit after I made two Scrap Magnet blocks for my newest Rainbow Scrap Challenge project. Here is my favorite of the two pink blocks.

I used 3/4 yard for the two blocks, and no new fabric was added last week, leaving me with a net usage for 2020 of a little over 100 yards. My goal every year is to use more than I add, and I am extremely pleased with my final numbers for last year. I don't have any usage or additions to report for the first two days of 2021. 

Used last week:                               .75 yards
Used year to date:                    188.125 yards
Added last week:                             0.0 yards
Added year to date:                        86.0 yards
Net used year to date           102.125 yards

Kate's 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces has us tracking how many days each week we get in at least 15 minutes of quilting time. The combination of retiring in mid-June plus spending 99% of my time at home because of the pandemic made it possible for me to consistently get in some quilting time every day. The last time I missed a day was at the end of May. I wonder if I can get 100% next year? So far I am 2 for 2.

15 Minute Challenge for 2020: 
12/27 - 12/31             5 of 5 days
2020 Total            357 of 366 days

15 Minute Challenge for 2021: 
1/1 - 1/2                   2 of 2 days
2021 Total                 2 of 2 days

Check out more stash reports at quiltpaintcreate and join the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces. 

Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. Very cool block. They must be large to use so much fabric.

  2. Those RSC blocks are going to help a bit with the stash usage each month. Congrats on the stash management achievement last year. Breaking 100 yards of usage is pretty cool. Good luck with stash management and stitching time this year. Hopefully at some point, we will be able to get out and about again normally.

  3. I like that block - it will be great for rsc. good numbers for the year congrats

  4. You did great in 2020. Hoping the same or more in 2021.

  5. I'm doing scrap magnet with 1-1/2" squares because that's the only strip die I have for the Go! That's a lot of little squares! So I've worked out a strip-piecing formula that I hope will work for the next one -- or else I'll have a couple of nice potholders!

  6. Wow, great totals for 2020 Julie!

  7. Gosh, Julie, you did a fabulous job with both fabric and time in 2020! I'm impressed!


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