Tuesday, September 8, 2020

To-Do Tuesday 9/8/2020

The long Labor Day holiday weekend is over, and it is time once again for the To-Do Tuesday Weekly Progress Update and Link-up hosted by Roseanne and Sue at Home Sewn By Us. I didn't do so well with my goals last week, but maybe this week will be better.

To-do list for 9/1 - 9/7/2020
1. Orange Peel quilt--prepare for quilting                           no
2. Dresden Stars--apply binding, wash and block                done 
3. RSC Square Dance--make 8 red/orange blocks               done
4. Sewing room cleaning--sort through boxes from work    progress

1. I didn't touch the Orange Peels quilt top last week and decided that I had other quilts that should get finished before this one.

2. The Dresden Stars quilt is finished and hanging on the living room wall! Now I just need to get some photos of it and write up a final blog post.

3. I made 11 Square Dance blocks to go with the 5 that had been done earlier.

4. Sewing room cleaning--I put away two boxes of books from work, plus some of my other supplies.

To-do list for 9/8 - 9/14
1. Dresden Stars quilt--photos and blog post
2. Sewing room cleaning--finish going through quilting books
3. RSC Square Dance--make 8 red/orange blocks 
Bonus--Make a couple of new grocery bags

The sewing room clean-up has been getting the majority of my attention recently. Over the weekend I started going through my too-large collection of quilting books with the goal of getting rid of a significant number of them. So far, I've gone through 3+ shelves and have 1-1/2 boxes of books that I don't feel the need to keep. 

My current challenge is what to do with these books. I know I could just give them to Goodwill, but if it were possible to get them directly to quilters, that would be preferable. They are generally not the most recent books. I've been quilting since 1995 and bought many of the books in my first 7-10 years. I definitely don't want to deal with selling them on Ebay or anything like that. I don't belong to a quilt guild--that would be the ideal recipient group, especially near the Atlanta area. Any suggestions would be appreciated! (I have quilting magazines too, but haven't sorted through most of those yet.)

That should be more than enough to keep me busy for the next week. I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Home Sewn by Us .

Julie in GA


  1. Regarding your books. Does your library accept used books? Ours has an annual sale and a free shelf! Also, do you know members of a guild or quilt show organization? They might have contacts.
    I am so enjoying watching your Square Dance Block’s come together! Awesome!

  2. Even tho you don't belong to a guild, see if there is one close to you & donate them to them. Or the library or a senior center. Those square dance blocks are looking good.

  3. On the books - Why don’t you list them on your blog to sell - maybe for $5.00 plus postage. I did sell some things on my blog before and did fairly well. Or you can have a drawing? Use the Blog, do not blame you for not wanting to sell on EBay, etc. Take a day a week and show pictures of some of the books.

    Congrats on finishing your Dresden it is a pretty quilt. Like your block! I need to get rid of some of my books, but not there yet.


  4. Donating your books to the library could work! I did that with my classroom books after retiring and they used them for their book sale to raise money for the library. Looking forward to seeing the finished Dresden quilt!

  5. Hi Julie! I think you did great on your list. We all know what a huge job cleaning, sorting and organizing is. I suspect there must be a guild nearby - maybe your local quilt shop might know? The others have great suggestions for you. Thanks so much for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. As for your quilting books:

    1. Ask the library if they accept donations, but don't be upset if they say no! My MIL tried to donate used books to her library in Naples, FL years ago and was told they are not able to accept them.

    2. Donating to a local guild near you, even if you are not a member, is a great way to get the books into the hands of quilters. After purchasing the Karen Kay Stone add-on for EQ, I had a horrible time trying to get my hands on an out of print copy of her book that included her methods for piecing those intricate NY Beauty blocks in her Cinqo de Mayo quilt. Used copies of the book were going for truly astronomical prices in online used book stores. I was DELIGHTED when I thought to check my guild's lending library and discovered that the book was waiting right there for me all along!

    3. There are two Sew It's For Sale groups you could try, one on Facebook and the other on Groups.io. Far less hassle and bother than eBay, with no middleman. You just write one post that lists all the books and post a photo in that month's album.

    4. There are also online "sell back your book" services that I've had mixed luck with in the past. You just type in the ISBN for each book and it tells you immediately if they want to buy it. After you've entered all the ISBNs, you print out their free mailing label, ship the books back, and you get paid when they receive them. I haven't tried this with sewing/quilting books, but here's one such service: https://www.sellbackyourbook.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw19z6BRAYEiwAmo64Ldjgwz9XFZJ0DHuy3LoVDma2rg070Ww6OjYUbbNhNvx6I1INLhqcvxoCj4gQAvD_BwE.

  7. Even if you didn't get the list all checked off, you still made good progress. Hopefully this week's list went much better. One other option for your quilting books, is Half Price Books if there's one near where you live. It's a book store that specializes in selling used books. They will pay you for your used books. They do accept quilting books as I've bought some of the harder to find ones at the store in Dallas.


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