Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tuesday To-Do List 7/28/2020

Once again, I am joining the To-Do Tuesday Weekly Progress Update and Link-up hosted by Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us. It was another good week, with check marks for all three of my goals.

To-do list for 7/21 - 7/27:
1.  Dresden Stars--continue quilting and assembly  done
2.  RSC Square Dance--finish blue/purple blocks     done
3.  Cleaning/organization--sort/trim triangles          done

Progress continues on the Dresden Stars quilt. All of the blocks have their echo quilting, and I have also quilted triangle frames in the setting and corner triangles. There will be more quilting inside those frames.

The Square Dance blocks were finished over the weekend, and they can be seen in yesterday's post. My triangle scraps have been trimmed to useful sizes and sorted out. My bonus project was to clean out and reorganize one of the closets in my sewing room. You can see a photo of that in my post from Sunday.

To-do list for 7/28 - 8/3:
1.  Dresden Stars--continue quilting, begin joining sections
2.  Orange Peel--choose fabrics for the last group of blocks
3.  Cleaning/organization--go through closet #2

The second closet in my sewing room is the next planned step in the clean-up. The shelf holds many empty shoe boxes and printer paper box tops (handy for holding project pieces), and who knows what's in the back corners of that shelf. There are some clothes in here because my bedroom closet is too small for them, but 2/3 of the hanging bar holds quilt tops, some of them with their backing and/or batting, and a few are already pinned for quilting or partially quilted. In the bottom are the rolling tote with my featherweight in it, a few boxes of specific types of fabrics like 30's reproductions or recycled shirts, plus other assorted treasures (or trash?)

Getting started on the clean-up has been the hardest part, but once I got going on the first closet, it was very exciting to see it come together. I hope to keep that momentum going for the weeks ahead.

That should be plenty to keep me busy for the next week. I'll report on my progress and post a new set of goals next Tuesday. I'm linking up with other To-Do Tuesday lists at Home Sewn by Us .

Julie in GA


  1. Hi Julie! Great job on your list from last week. Is the Dresden star project a quilt-as-you-go? It's fun seeing this project come together right before our eyes. Good luck with the closet - I should be doing some of that here, too. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi,
    Love the Dresden Stars...so pretty..I've been trying to organize my quilting stuff into a tiny room...it's getting harder and harder to find more space. Have a great day!

  3. Ooh, I couldn't see the echo quilting in the last post. It looks fantastic! :-)

  4. The Dresden stars look great! Good luck on the organizing!

  5. You are moving along with the Dresden quilting. Hope you've made good progress on this week's list.

  6. Your Dresden Stars is going to be a beauty. Such striking colors - eye catching!


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