Sunday, July 26, 2020

Stitching, Stashing & Organizing--Week 30, 2020

It's hard to believe that it is week 30 for the year, and next weekend is the beginning of August. That's more than four months since we started staying at home. I try to keep busy to help the time pass, and goodness knows there is always plenty to do around the house. I'm enjoying being able to help more with the vegetable garden, and I've started to attack the reorganization of my sewing room.

As for the stash, I have no usage to report for the week, but my most recent fabric order arrived a few days ago. I discovered a $25 gift certificate that I had won in a giveaway a couple years back, and fortunately it was still valid. I used that to buy four yards of a Tula Pink fabric that I've been wanting for awhile. The plan is to use this as the background in a future project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. My photo seems a little dark; the fabric is actually a paler cream than this looks.

Used last week:                                 0.0 yards
Used year to date:                       122.25 yards
Added last week:                               4.0 yards
Added year to date:                       38.75 yards
Net used year to date                83.50 yards

Kate's 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces has us tracking how many days each week we get in at least 15 minutes of quilting time. I'm uncertain how to count my days for last week. I did some cutting or stitching on five of the days, but I also spent several hours almost every day working on reorganizing my sewing room. This is something that has been needed for a long time, and it feels good to be making progress. It's slow going because I'm really trying to go through everything and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. So far I've managed to finish one closet. This is the "after" shot--I didn't think to take a "before" picture when I started.

Here's my dilemma--do I count the days that had no cutting/stitching time on current projects but I did spend hours on cleaning and organization. The clean-up isn't moving my current projects forward, but it should make my quilting more efficient in the long run. For now, I'm going to count only the five days that had cutting/stitching time. If there are enough opinions otherwise, I can change the numbers later. I would love to hear your thoughts!

15 Minute Challenge:  
7/19 - 7/25               5 of 7 days
2020 Total          196 of 207 days

Check out more stash reports at quiltpaintcreate and join the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces. 

Happy quilting and stay safe everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. When I clean up or organize the sewing room, I do count that time. It does help me move projects along as it keeps the work space cleaned up and so I can find things when I am sewing. The other reason I count it, is that I've only got so much free time each week. If I clean up, I don't get to sew. But sometimes you have to stop to reorganize, cut up scraps, put fabric away, press new fabric, etc. But it's completely up to how you feel you should account for that time. Good progress on the closet. I'm still working on organizing my quilting books, almost finished. I need more bookcases!

  2. I would think organizing the sewing room counts! I'm amazed your gift certificate that was a couple years old was still good - that was great. Yes 4 1/2 months since we have mainly been home too - crazy!

  3. Your storage is SO much neater than mine!!;000
    I have my quilts to be layered, to be quilted, and all finished (for 3 people) also hanging...My stash, color separated, has now become a mess once again after pulling this and that just won't stay all neatened up hahaha I think the fabrics decide to hop around and try a new stack overnight!!
    That is a very pretty Tula Pink fabric--will make lovely backings...
    ~ ~ ~ waving from our AC--very hot and humid here...Julierose

  4. Your closet looks great! I put my quilt tops on hangers too. I don't have quite as many as you do. I counted the cleaning of the sewing room in my 15 minutes to stitch. It is a bummer now that I am cleaning the basement which doesn't have any sewing things in it!

  5. I'm doing the same thing -- making decisions about what to keep and what to give away. I like your shoe bag for organizing rolls of stuff like fusible, I assume.

  6. Good for you spending some time to clean and organize. I would definitely count that time - I do when in my sewing room, as time spent cleaning and organizing usually clears the deck for new projects!

  7. Your closet looks so inspiring and pretty! Yes! Organizing time really counts as sewing time for me. It's usually as I'm organizing that I'm mentally working out sewing issues.

  8. I say count it. You are working to move projects along, it just wasn't thread and needle, but organizing!

  9. Yes, you should count your clean-up and organizing time as it contributes to creating the proper environment for making progress on your projects. I really want to get some of the Tula fabric to use for background. I've been eyeing it for a while, but I don't think any of our local shops carry her lines. I guess I should break down and order it online.

  10. In order to have something to hand stitch, I have to prep, place and glue in place, so yes, I would count that time you spent organizing. It's just like my having to stop and get ready to hand stitch.


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