Sunday, May 9, 2021

Stitching and DeStashing--Week 19, 2021

Happy Mother's Day! I'm very excited to be going to visit my mother and other family in Wisconsin soon. It has been a year and a half since I saw any of them in person. My mother was the one who taught me to sew, which led to both my career of making theater costumes and to my favorite hobby (obsession), quilting. Thanks, Mom! I can't wait to see you!

My stash totals have been steadily increasing on the fabric used side of the tally. The amount used last week is relatively small, but every little bit helps. I used 5/8 yard for my Homespun blocks in bright and dark reds.

I didn't think I would have any new fabric to report, but an order I had placed surprised me by showing up yesterday. Has anyone else had trouble with the tracking system for the USPS? My most recent additions are a good example of the risks of online fabric shopping. Part of my order was extra wide backing fabrics, and I'm very unhappy with the appearance of the printing. Instead of an overall mottled effect, it looks like the fabric is water stained. Naturally, I got the biggest amounts of those pieces. I ordered 10 yards of fabric, but I'm counting it as 16 yards because of the wide pieces.

Above are the fabrics I'm not so happy about. Below is the rest of my order.

Used last week:                              .625 yards
Used year to date:                         96.75 yards
Added last week:                             16.0 yards
Added year to date:                       40.75 yards
Net used year to date                   56.0 yards

Kate's 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces has us tracking how many days each week we get in at least 15 minutes of quilting time. Now that we are fully vaccinated, we have been getting out quite a bit more and it is cutting into my stitching time. I've still managed to stitch at least 15 minutes every day, but it's getting more difficult every week. 

15 Minute Challenge for 2021: 
5/2 - 5/8                    7 of 7 days
2021 Total           128 of 128 days

Check out more stash reports at quiltpaintcreate and join the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces. 

Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. Have a wonderful time with your family in Wisconsin, Julie! As for the disappointing backing fabric -- I've had plenty of online fabric shopping disappointments as well. I wish the "local" quilt shops weren't so far away and that I knew better which ones carried which fabric lines. I need to get some 1930s bubblegum pink reproduction for a vintage quilt repair and I'm debating whether I should head out to a not-quite-local quilt shop, which would burn up a whole day and after the long drive, I'd be sure to spend money there whether they had what I needed or not -- or if I should take the risk of trying to order online from the colors I see on my computer monitor.

  2. Hope you have a great visit to Wisconsin - take a jacket, it's still cold in the Midwest! Sorry about your fabric order, that really stinks. It is so hard to order fabric online. Love your red blocks.

  3. Enjoy the trip to see your Mother Julie. I order from Fat Qtr Shop, Webfabrics, Hancocks of Paduchua and only this year ordered a bolt of Bella Solids from Fat Qtr Shop. The bolt was a bad run so I called and they paid to send it back, called apologize and sent me a new bolt. No cost to me. I am careful whom I order from. I do not use Connecting Threads - their fabric could be seconds. Not sure I know a lot of quilters like them, but I have had to just return some fabric because it was poor quality. Hugs.

  4. The stars are very striking. Love these blocks!!!

  5. The Homespun blocks look great. The fabric doesn't look that bad, at least not from the photos. Hopefully it's still useable. Congrats on all the stitching time. Very sorry for the late follow up, life has been a bit nuts lately.

  6. Julie, what a disappointment! But....if you'll be anywhere near me on your WI trip let me know! It would be great to meet you in person.


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