Monday, December 28, 2020

Best of 2020

Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting the Best of 2020 blog party, the fifth year for this event. She is offering the opportunity to link up our five "best" posts from the past year. We get to decide how we choose those posts, but I'm going to follow her suggestions.

1. Post with the most views:  Star Cluster Baby Quilts

I made quilts for the two newest additions to the family over the summer, and this post got the most views by far in 2020. We haven't been able to travel and meet the new babies yet, but it's great to see both enjoying their quilts!

2. Post with the most comments: Orange Peel Rainbow

Orange Peel Rainbow, 36.5" x 48.5"

The Orange Peel blocks were my hand-stitching project for over a year and a half as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I got them all joined together into this small quilt top in August.

3. Post that provoked the best discussion: Scrappy Bear Paws Setting

The above photo shows my Scrappy Bear Paw blocks on the wall with scrappy setting triangle fabrics, an idea that ended up being rejected. Here's a photo of the finished quilt top.

Scrappy Bear Paws, 47.75" x 68.75"

4. Post showing your favorite 2020 finish: Dresden Stars

Dresden Stars, 50" x 50"

Besides the two baby quilts, this was one of the few quilts to get completely finished this year. It felt great to get this long-time UFO, which was started in 2013,  done and hanging in our living room.

5. Post that is a personal favorite: 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Wrap-Up
My final Rainbow Scrap Challenge post of the year shared all four of the rainbow projects that became finished tops by the end of 2020. Besides the Orange Peel Rainbow and the Scrappy Bear Paws shown above, it also included my Scrap Snap quilt, Rainbow Cascade, and my two RSC Square Dance tops.

Rainbow Cascade, 60.5" x 72.5"

RSC Square Dance tops, each 40" x 60"

Despite all the challenges of this very strange year, I'm happy with the progress I made on my quilting projects for 2020, and I look forward to continuing in 2021. Thanks to Cheryl for giving us all the opportunity to share our favorites from the past year. I'm linking up with her "Best of 2020" blog party.

Happy quilting and Happy New Year!

Julie in GA


  1. You had a productive and very colorful year. Love those baby quilts, made even better with babies on them!!

  2. I was directly drawn in by the Rainbow Scrap Snap. Lovely quilt! All the best for 2021 xo Melanie

  3. I just love that Cascade quilt--amazing color sequences...just beautiful works all!!
    Hugs julierose

  4. Congratulations on a great year! I love how the Bear Paws turned out, and the Rainbow Cascade is awesome. Looking forward to 2021!

  5. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I hope you get those visit and hold those cute little ones soon. Have a great 2021.

  6. You had a great quilting 2020, beautiful finishes and new little babies! Thanks for linking up and happy new year!

  7. Congrats on a successful year of finishes. All your RSC quilts are so colorful, bright and fun. Looking forward to seeing this year's RSC project come together. Happy New Year!

  8. (As usual) You made some of my most favorite quilts of the year, Julie. Wishing you a Quilty New Year!

  9. Great quilts, a beautiful summary of the year. Thank you for letting me see and be amazed. Happy New Year!


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