Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stash Report Sunday 2014--Week #2

Too many hours spent working this week, leaving very little time for quilting.  No additions or usage for the week.

Used this week:               0  yards
Used year to date:         .625  yards

Added this week:            0 yards  
Added year to date:        yards 

Net year to date:   
         .625 yards used

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Julie in GA


  1. Hope work slows down soon. Still nothing in when there is nothing out is still a pretty good report.

  2. Hope you will have an easier week next week.

  3. Quilting is a great stress relief for me - so glad I have it. Hope you are able to find some quilting time soon.

  4. Next week will be better for both of us!! Don't work too hard this week.


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