Thursday, October 8, 2020

Glorious Hexagons--a Finished Top!

My most recent finished quilt top is Glorious Hexagons, an English paper pieced quilt that was started early in 2016.

Glorious Hexagons quilt, 62" x 71.5"

My quilt was started when I joined the English paper piecing group at a local quilt shop. The two quilts below were the inspiration for our quilts. The Garden Hexagons was made by Liza Prior Lucy, and the Carnival Hexagons was made by Kim McLean, and both quilts feature Kaffe Collective fabrics. They have published a pattern to make the Glorious Hexagons quilt, but  you would also need the book The New Hexagon by Katja Marek for the individual  block patterns. Each hexagon measures 3" along the finished edges.
Glorious Hexagons by Liza Prior Lucy     Carnival Hexagons by Kim McLean 
Garden Hexagons Carnival Hexagons

The EPP group was set up as a block of the month, but we actually received the paper pieces for 28 blocks each month. The two quilts shown above are made with 247 blocks (Garden Hexagons) or 330 blocks (Carnival Hexagons.) To make that many blocks each month would have meant making one almost every day! I knew there was no way I could keep up with that, nor did I have the fabric stash to provide enough variety for all those blocks.

Many of the people in our group worked primarily with Kaffe Collective fabrics. I had some Kaffes and purchased more for this project, but included many other fabrics from my stash. The starting point for my quilt's color palette was the fabric shown below. The date on the selvage of the fabric is 1998, and it was probably purchased for a Stack and Whack quilt that never happened.

I included many fabrics in my quilt and had great fun fussy cutting the prints for the individual blocks. The next photo will give you a closer look at some of the fabrics, plus it gives a better view of the block piecing. The number of pieces in the hexagon blocks ranged from one to 24, although I  think the most complicated block I made had 18 pieces (top row, 2nd from right.)

Instead of joining the hexagons together block to block, I decided to add the dark triangles in between plus for the borders. This gave some breathing room between the hexagons, and the dark color really makes the bright prints pop. It also got my quilt to a good size with fewer blocks. My finished quilt size is 62" x 71.5", and it has 83 hexagon blocks.

I had a great time making the blocks for this quilt and have been considering starting another EPP project. I always like to have a hand stitching project in the works.

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Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. Just a glorious finish--I love all the pretty fussy cut prints in this...
    nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. Glorious Hexagons is right! Congrats on getting that beauty to flimsy stage. I like your layout because it is possible to enjoy gazing at all the work that went into each individual hexie.

  3. Oh my! And GLORIOUS it is! Great fabric choices and I do love the effect of the dark triangles. It's a marvelous quilt!

  4. What a labor of love! Gives me hope that all my UFOs will eventually be finished! Beautiful Quilt Julie!

  5. I hope you have enough to put some of your inspiration fabric on the back, Julie. SEW incredible!!

  6. Wow. These hexies are magical. Great finish!

  7. Oh this is a Glorious Hexagon quilt!! how fun to see all those beautiful blocks tgether!!

  8. Glorious! Stunning! Extraordinary! Magnificent! The blue works to frame the blocks!

  9. So gorgeous! The dark triangles to give the hexagons breathing room was a great idea.

  10. This is a glorious quilt top. I love it.

  11. Gorgeous! The darker blue really works with all the hexies. Congrats on the finished top.

  12. Glorious indeed. I've looked at quilts like this in wonder and I've got both of Katja's books, but every time I think of starting one, I realize that I would probably never get it finished. Maybe I should just aim for a table topper size.

  13. Woo hoo! LOVE your fabrics, and your setting choice! Congratulations!

  14. What a stunning quilt Julie - the blue background really shows off your hard work in the blocks.

  15. Love the hexies and the color. Very pretty quilt!


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