Monday, October 19, 2020

Design Wall Monday 10/19/2020

Most of my quilting time over the weekend was spent working on more blocks for the Alaska Quilt Along at Laundry Basket Quilts. I'm still uncertain about a couple of my fabric choices and have been looking at switching them around a bit. 

Because I wanted to make sure my fabrics would work well together, I jumped ahead on the order of blocks and made one of the eight-pointed stars. The pattern called for a single fabric for the star points, but I thought it would be more interesting with two. My first attempt was the block on the left. It seemed rather dark, so I switched both of the star fabrics for the second block. 

Here are each of those blocks on the wall with some of the other blocks that were already made.

I cut some extra pieces of the star points and played with a couple of different combinations, laying the cut pieces on top of the already made blocks.. The geometric print from the first block worked nicely with either of the fabrics in the second block.

I realized that there is another version of the star block in the pattern, and it uses a different fabric for the small wedges next to the star points in my blocks. That fabric seems too similar to the brightest fabric in the second and fourth blocks below.

I'm still undecided about which combination of fabrics to use for these blocks. Until I make a choice, this project will be stalled out. I don't want to lose my  momentum with this quilt, so I need to just make a decision and go forward with it. It's only fabric, right?

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Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA 


  1. these blocks look so complicated!! and how fun is that to change the colors just a bit and get such dramatic looks!

  2. So pretty -- and so tricky to piece! I like the autumn-like colorway.

  3. Hi,
    really pretty blocks..but I like the last one
    the best...the red makes the block look
    really great...have a great day

  4. Why not use all the them combinations? I don't see any reason they all need to be the same. Interesting design. I did look at this QAL, but I'm avoiding new starts so I passed on this one.

  5. This one is on my 2021 list! Looking nice! The last one is nice!


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