Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stash Report Sunday 12/4/16

My name is Julie, and I am a fabricaholic!

I was feeling pretty good about my stash busting efforts this week, especially since I finished a quilt top. It is my green and beige Mystery Quilts 4 Military (MQ4M) top, and it used 5 yards, all from the stash. I'm planning to piece the back out of stash fabrics too. Once the rain lets up, I will try to get some photos of this completed quilt top, but you can see it in progress HERE.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Glorious Hexagons group at Intown Quilters. We get together to chat and laugh and work on English Paper Piecing our blocks. Mary Lou, the leader of our group, laid out many of her blocks for us to enjoy. Look at all the gorgeous colors and pattern!

After the hexagons group ended, I headed over to Fabric World in Stone Mountain, GA. This is the kind of place that buys and sells remnants plus overstock fabrics and trims. There's no telling what you will find there. The fabric is all jumbled together on big tables, and it's like a treasure hunt trying to see what's hiding at the bottom of the pile. The last time I went, they didn't have any cotton prints at all, just home dec and fashion fabrics. That was not the case yesterday, and I went a little crazy, tossing anything I was even remotely interested in into my shopping cart. Yikes, look at that pile of fabric!!

Once I'd finished digging through all the tables of cotton prints, it was time to sort it all out and narrow down my choices. My original plan was to concentrate on lights/backgrounds, and also to get some teals and greys for a baby quilt. I was very successful at both of those goals, as you can see here. The pieces vary in size from 1/8 yard up to almost 2 yards, with most averaging around 1/2 to 5/8 yard.

Beautiful backgrounds

Enough fabric for several baby quilts!
Same colors, this time in flannels

Unfortunately, I didn't come anywhere close to limiting myself to my original plan. I ended up buying a grand total of 71.5 yards of fabric! I have never bought that much fabric at one time in my life! I was at the store for almost 4 hours; it was a huge surprise to discover that it was dark and raining outside by the time I left. The only good thing about my crazy shopping attack is that the fabric was only $2 a yard!! That is too hard to resist.

Miscellaneous cotton prints--kids, patriotic, tone-on-tone, Kaffe's

Rainbow of flannels--32 pieces

I've dug myself into a hole that I definitely won't get out of by the end of the year. There goes my yearly goal to use more fabric than I add. I'm not even sure where I will put it all, but I'm still terribly excited by the new additions! Next year will definitely be focused on stash-busting projects.


     Used last week:                   5.0 yards     
Used year to date:          92.625 yards

Stashed last week:             71.5 yards
 Stashed year to date:       152.75 yards 

 Net year to date:  60.125 yards stashed

I am joining Kate at Life in Pieces in tracking the number of days each week that I spend at least 15 minutes quilting. I will need to find lots of time for quilting in the upcoming weeks/months in order to make a dent in what I bought yesterday.

15 Minute Challenge:  
11/27 - 12/3                  7 of 7 days
Year to date            306 of 338 days

350 Block Challenge at Prairie Moon Quilts
Blocks made 11/27 - 12/3:  6

Check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.  

Julie in GA


  1. Looks like you scored big time!

  2. Maybe next year - gorgeous fabric you've stashed.

  3. OMG!! Girl, you DID have some FUN! Wish I had been there to watch you go wild throwing the fabrics into your bag! You got some fabulous finds and the price was absolutely worth it. It will be so much fun in 2017 planning how to use it.

  4. Good for you for adding fabrics to your stash -- you cannot create without the raw materials! And at that price, who could go wrong!?!!!

  5. Some times you just gotta add, it would be hard to resist fabric at that price. You've done a great job of finishing up UFOs and using stash this year, you'll have a nice palette to start some new quilts next year.

  6. 71 yards at one time?!!! You rock! I can't even imagine what that must be like but you got lots of great prints, and at $2/yard, how could you say no?


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