Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 UFO Challenge List #2--finishing

This is the second list that I will be linking up with Judy Laquidara's 2017 UFO Challenge. You can see my first list HERE and read about Judy's "rules" for the challenge HERE. The projects on my second list are finished quilt tops (or close to it, just needing borders.) All of them need quilting and binding. I'm hoping Judy's challenge can help me turn some of these into finished quilts! 

1.   Santa panel--I have several Santa panels stashed away and would love to get at least one of them quilted before next Christmas!

2.   LeMoyne Stars baby quilt--blocks/top made as part of the 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Needs quilting and binding.

3. Green Crossroads--I made this quilt top in 2014 and got it partially quilted in 2015. I just need to finish up quilting the white squares and the borders, then add a binding.

4.   Blue and yellow nine-patch baby quilt--top made in 2013, needs to be quilted and bound.

5.   Stack & Whack Spinners #2--this quilt top was made as a class sample in 1999; needs to be quilted and bound.

6.   Paisley Placemats--finish 4 more placemats to complete the set of 12.

7.  Thimbleberries Applique--this is an old Thimbleberries pattern that a group of us in a former quilt guild made together in 2001. It would make a nice tabletopper for Christmas.

8.   Storm at Sea Heart--heart was pieced in 2001, inspired by Doreen Speckmann's designs. This needs borders, quilting and binding.

9.   Stack & Whack Spinners #1--this was the first version of the same design as #5, made in 1999. Needs to be quilted and bound.

10.  Chinese Coins (Snowballs)--top made in guild workshop in 1998. This might be my first every scrappy quilt top, and it deserves to get finished!

11.  Reversible Mini Storm at Sea--I was thinking about making a Storm at Sea quilt back in 1998 but couldn't decide if I wanted to use a light or dark background. I made two mini samples (22" square) to help me decide. Partially quilted, needs quilting finished and binding.

12.  Around the Twist--this may be my oldest UFO, dating back to 1995. The quilt top is a half-scale version, measuring only 23 x 31". It was my first attempt at machine quilting and turned out so badly I couldn't finish it. I would like to take out the old quilting (monofilament thread), replace the batting, and try again.

Alternate #1.  Hoffman Challenge Butterflies--top made in 2001, needs quilting (already pinned!) and binding.

Alternate #2.  Stack & Whack Kaleidoscope--quilt top made in 1999 using the old Pointillist Palette fabrics for the background. I might add a border, then quilt and bind.

Alternate #3.  Mini Geese in the Cabin--20" square mini quilt made for a guild challenge in 1999. Quilt and bind.

I am linking up my list at Judy's UFO 2017 page. You can find Judy's explanation of how the challenge will work HERE. Finishing quilts is my least favorite part of the process, and I hope this challenge helps me get some of these UFOs finished!

Happy quilting and happy new year!

Julie in GA


  1. Your projects to finish are gorgeous. I can't pick a favorite. I really like the log cabin heart, the snowballs, the mini geese and around the twist. Wow! Good luck. You can do it.

  2. More beautiful quilts. Good luck with the challenge this year, you are so close to finishing many of these. Hopefully it will be a great year for finishes.

  3. i had to laugh: I'm not the only crazy lady with lots of UFOs around! I did make a list of 12, but I think that's "most" of them. good for you with 2 lists! you'll be busy. and: can you tell me more about the stack and wack spinners? looks like a fun pattern...


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