Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stash Report Sunday 8/17/14

Despite a very busy week at work, I made good progress on my stash reduction efforts. I finished the borders on two different quilt tops and pieced the backing for one of them, using a total of 4.5 yards of fabric.

I showed the finished top for my scrappy greens Crossroads quilt in yesterday's post. Here is the back that I pieced yesterday. The selvage of the brighter green fabric said it was from 1996, which is not long after I started quilting. This fabric has definitely aged long enough! The back just needs a good pressing, then it can get layered and pin basted.

The other quilt that got the borders finished this week was my QOV Bowties quilt, which has been waiting for those borders for more than a month. It feels good to have that done too. I will show the finished top on my design wall tomorrow.

No fabric added again this week.  Once I piece a back for the QOV, I should be back to having used more than I have added for the year!

Used this week:                          4.5  yards
Used year to date:                    84.0  yards

Stashed this week:                          0  yards
Stashed year to date:               86.75 yards 

Net year to date:   
                 2.75 yards stashed  

Check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.

Julie in GA


  1. You've been inching back towards the black for a while now. Looking forward to seeing your Bow Tie QOV.

  2. Your stash numbers are great! I look forward to seeing your quilt when it's done.

  3. Great back! I should look through my stash for some old backing too.


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