Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stash Report Sunday 5/12/13

I fell off the no-fabric-buying wagon in a big way this week. When I took my Turning Leaves quilt to my friend Jan for longarm quilting, she pointed out a bin of fabric that she was selling for a friend who had given up quilting. They were all very nice quilt shop fabrics priced at $2 per yard, $3 for batiks. How could I resist those prices?!! Most of what I got were large pieces that will be good for backing (the medium blue on the left) or backgrounds (the white with tiny red stars and the yellow.) The rest are smaller (1/2 - 3/4 yard) pieces.

I was going through a box of quilt tops recently, most of which were made in the late 1990's up to about 2003 when I went on the road.  One was this Irish Chain that I made as a beginning quilting class sample.  I discovered that this pattern was not a good choice for beginners--a very accurate 1/4" seam is necessary for these blocks to fit together.  That was too difficult for new quilters and led to lots of frustration.

This is not a quilt I feel the need to finish for myself, but it is the perfect size for a Quilt of Valor.  I think that the medium blue fabric I just bought will be perfect for the back.  I just needed to add another fabric to get a little more length to make it big enough.

I have a question for others who participate in the weekly Stash Reports.  Would you count the fabric in the Irish Chain quilt top as yardage used?  The fabric in that top hasn't been "yardage" for a long time, but it has been taking up space in my sewing room all those years.  

Used this week:   4.75 yard  (back for Irish Chain quilt)
Used year to date:  29 yards    

Added this week:   15.75 yards   
Added year to date: 20 yards

Net year to date:  9 yards used 

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  1. Wow great stash additions, at great prices! That's hard to resist, especially if the pieces are large enough to be backs.

    It's your stash report, if you want to count the yardage for the Irish Chain quilt, count it. I've always looked at the stash report as a tool, a way for me to set goals that encourage me to make time to quilt. So if counting the quilt as fabric out works for you, do it.

  2. Backings should never be considered off limit purchases -- especially at that price! Love the Irish Chain quilt. I agree with Kate - it's your stash report count how you like.

  3. I myself, would count it as it is "OUT OF HERE" and especially since you will be donating it. I count anything that leaves the room permanently. lol

  4. Wow, what an awesome opportunity to purchase necessary fabrics at a great price. I would count the Irish Chain.

  5. I would have bought big pieces too! Regarding your question, I only count fabric that I cut from the stash - if it was done before I started reporting my stash, then I leave it

  6. ....(continued) out of the report, but I agree with the others - do what you like since it is your report - we all make up our own rules!


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