Tuesday, January 22, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I just finished reading Kate's post about making time for your creative pursuits, and being prepared when free time presents itself.  I don't always succeed in having a project ready to go when I have extra time, but I do try to think ahead in that regard.

My job is making theater costumes, and I  am fortunate to work in a very well-equipped costume shop full of sewing machines and cutting tables.  We get an hour break for lunch, and I usually bring my lunch to work, which certainly doesn't take a full hour to eat.  Many days I spend the second half of my lunch hour doing a bit of sewing or cutting for whatever project I have along with me.  Some days I just want to read or fool around on the Internet, but it's amazing how much I can get done in that little chunk of time if I keep at it.  My next goal is to come up with a hand stitching project that is easy enough to work on when I ride the train to and from work each day.  I would have 20 - 30 minutes each way to sew.

Last week was a good one for stitching time.  I worked on at least one project every day, and many days it was more than one.  That three-day weekend sure helped!

Tues., 1/15--vest project, Scrappy Sampler
Wed., 1/16--vest project
Thur., 1/17--vest project
Friday, 1/18--Dancing Stars, vest project
Sat., 1/19--Dancing Stars, Scrappy Sampler
Sun., 1/20--Dancing Stars, Scrappy Sampler, Scrap Club red, white & blue
Mon., 1/21--Dancing Stars, Scrap Club red, white & blue

The vest project was an outside job for another theater company, and I finished it up on Friday night, leaving the rest of the weekend for quilting projects.


  1. The vest looks fabulous! I need to get a hand stitching project together - so much wasted time in the car, waiting for my kiddo, which could be quick sewing time!

  2. It's pretty cool that you spend all day sewing and that you still want to sew for yourself. Great idea on how to "find" time.

  3. Wow, you had a great week! The vest turned out beautifully. Making costumes would be both a fun job and my worst nightmare. I've made a few period pieces as Halloween costumes.

    It is nice to have a hand stitching project for those times you can't have a sewing machine. Hope you find something fun to work on.


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