Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rainbow Scrap Challenge--pink

This is a first for me--two posts on the same day.  I am a day late with this post, but I do have a little something to show.

I followed the posts for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge last year, enjoying seeing the different ideas people came up with each month.  This year I am going to join in on the fun for RSC13.  

Amy at Amy's Creative Side is hosting a quilt-along of her Dancing Stars pattern.  The pattern is a free download on her site.  I love the look of the pattern, and it seemed like a great choice for rainbow colors.  I am planning to make a few of each month's color, all with black background.  Here is my first block. 

Every Saturday is ScrapHappy Saturday where other quilters post their links for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  That's where you will find me next.  Go check out what everyone is making in pink.



  1. I love your star block! I saw the same BOM pattern and saved it off for rainbow blocks. It looks great with the black background. What a fun quilt it will be.

  2. Beautiful! I great pattern choice for this rainbow scrap challenge. Looking forward to seeing more blocks ... :) Pat


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