Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 Minute Challenge

This has been a good week for finding little pockets of time for quilting.  The only day I didn't have any quilting time was Monday when I took a short lunch break and we had a friend over for dinner in the evening.

There were a few days when I worked on quilt projects during my lunch hour at work.  I discovered that my train ride to work was a good time for pulling the paper out of my paper-pieced Dancing Stars blocks.  Plus there were several evenings when I managed to sew for 30 minutes or more after dinner.  It all adds up!

Tues., 1/22--Scrap Club Sampler Red/White/Blue Stars
Wed., 1/23--Dancing Stars
Thurs., 1/24--Hidden 9-Patch binding
Fri., 1/25--Dancing Stars, Hidden 9-Patch binding
Sat., 1/26--Scrap Club Sampler, Hidden 9-Patch binding
Sun., 1/27--Scrap Club Sampler
Mon., 1/28--nothing

Looking back at previous posts, I see that there have been only a couple of days in January when I didn't get any sewing time.  I feel good about that and hope to keep up the pace in future months.

Check out Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time for creativity.



  1. Wow! Great week and great month! It's amazing how you can find time here and there to make progress on a little something. Hope February is as productive for you.


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