Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday 3/5/2012

This week I cut more blue fabrics into strips for my scrap bins.  I also made up a couple of red & blue strip sets, which will make two more scrappy string stars.  This strip set started with 4 strips 1-1/2" wide x 18-20" long and 2 strips 2" wide x 18-20" long.

I cut 45 degree diamonds from freezer paper to use as cutting templates and ironed them to the strip set, leaving space next to each diamond.
The next two photos show the leftovers after the diamond shapes were cut out.  The leftovers  were sewn together along the outside edges, and the middle seams were taken out, which made it possible to cut another set of diamonds.

Once the diamonds are cut out, it's time to play with all the different layouts.  I think I like the arrangements in the last two photos best.

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  1. Oh look at all those. I like them all :) But yes that last one is really something so nice, I really like #2 as well. Now ya got me thinking about diamonds.

  2. Oh, yes, I like the last one best. I also like how you are using your scraps. I just may need to try this.

  3. What fun blocks! Each one turned out so different.

  4. amazing variation from one strip set! Or, were there more than one strip set? now, it's on to the decision for you. Good luck. I like the first and the last...

    1. There were two strip sets and both are used in those five stars in the photos.


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