Sunday, November 28, 2021

Stitching and DeStashing--Week 48, 2021

It's time for my weekly stash report, but there haven't been any changes to the stash, either used or added. Some of my quilting time this week was spent joining bowtie blocks together (see the start in yesterday's post,) but I've already counted the yardage for those blocks. I also pulled out a very old mini quilt top that has been hanging around for many years and decided to finish it. The quilting on it is done, and I'm hoping to finish the binding later today. It will be a good addition to the Christmas decor, and we have figured out the perfect spot to hang it.

Used last week:                              0.0 yards
Used year to date:                      172.0 yards
Added last week:                            0.0 yards
Added year to date:                     133.5 yards
Net used year to date                38.5 yards

Kate's 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge at Life in Pieces has us tracking how many days each week we get in at least 15 minutes of stitching time. I definitely spent more than 15 minutes quilting every day, and I am very close to having the miniature quilt finished!

15 Minute Challenge for 2021: 
11/21 - 11/27            7 of 7 days
2021 Total          329 of 331 days

Check out more stash reports at quiltpaintcreate and join the 15 Minutes to Stitch challenge at Life in Pieces. 

Happy quilting everyone!

Julie in GA


  1. I had a very little use week too. But, I have a reason. LOL The studio was torn up for carpet cleaning. Now, I'll need to figure out a time to replace the flooring. I don't want to move everything, so will I just live with it? What type of flooring do you have in your studio?

  2. Sometimes you can sew a lot and not have that much to report. I've been working on mystery quilts and I don't count that fabric till I assemble the blocks. Just one more month to go and your metrics look to be on track. You've had a great year on the stitching front.


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