Monday, September 11, 2017

Design Wall Monday/Storm Watch

The majority of my quilting time for the past several weeks has been spent on my Ring Cycles quilt. You can read more about it in earlier posts HERE and HERE. I finished making all the different units for this quilt at the end of August, and I have been slowly getting those units joined together. Every single seam is only 3" long, needs to be pinned at both ends to match up points, and has to be backstitched at each end. No chain piecing possible at this stage! Here is one corner of my quilt top, about a quarter of the whole quilt.

Ring Cycles, pattern by Lessa Siegele, available on Craftsy
I am setting up my post in advance in case we lose power overnight, although that seems more likely later tomorrow. The current forecast looks like we will have tropical storm winds and rain for Monday into Tuesday. No work for at least one day, probably two. I'm hoping the power doesn't go out so I can spend some time quilting. Ed is supposed to have jury duty on Tuesday, but that is very uncertain. We hope that the storm diminishes before it reaches the Atlanta area. Keep us in your thoughts!

I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday at Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt, and Moving It Forward at Em's Scrapbag. Check out all of them for tons of amazing quilting inspiration! 

Julie in GA


  1. Julie, your quilt is going to be gorgeous! Makes me want to dig mine out and do something with it. I think I have all the 9Ps made and the triangles cut; just need to figure out my next step. I hope Irma doesn't hit you too hard. We'll be getting some of her rain in mid-TN, but looks like the worst will go west of us.

  2. Julie, this is going to be spectacular! I hope Irma leaves you with power so you can quilt through your "storm vacation!"

  3. That is a fabulous quilt! Lots of work but oh so worth it in the end. Hopefully your power stays on and you can keep working on this great quilt.

  4. That's a lot of work for each seam but the quilt is gorgeous!

  5. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Well worth all the special care. Hope you weathered the storm OK and kept power for most of it.

  6. Making a Jack's Chain quilt is on my bucket list. What is the difference between that and a Ring Cycles quilt? I love the colors you are using. What are you using for a background? I like the texture.


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