Sunday, April 2, 2017

Stash Report Sunday 4/2/17

Another week, another stash report, and no additions to the fabric stash! I know that one of these days I will see some lovely fabric that I just have to buy or I will run across a great deal that I can't refuse, but for now it feels good to concentrate on using what I have. My quilting room is filled to the point of being hard to find a place to put anything new, so it is definitely time to make a dent in the stash.

My usage for last week was two yards for the remaining 8 red Scrappy Trips blocks. You can see the full set of blocks plus a couple of ideas for setting them together in yesterday's post.

Used last week:             2.00 yards
Used year to date:         31.5 yards
Added last week:           0.00 yards
Added year to date:       2.00 yards

Net year to date used:  29.5 yards

I am continuing to join Kate at Life in Pieces in tracking how many days each week I manage to get in at least 15 minutes of quilting time. I have been able to find time to stitch every single day over the past week, keeping up my nearly perfect record.

15 Minute Challenge:  
3/26 - 4/1                 7 of 7 days
2017 Total             90 of 91 days

Check out more stash reports at Patchwork Times.

Julie in GA


  1. Wow! So impressive that you haven't bought anything yet, and your 15-minute challenge numbers are great too!

  2. Congrats on the great stash management this year. I've blown my incoming numbers, so I'll focus on getting up the outgoing numbers. Congrats on finding time to stitch each day. It does make a difference it what gets done doesn't it.


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