Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April 2017 Goals and March Report

March was a busy month with lots going on, but I managed to make good progress on several of my quilting projects. I met my One Monthly Goal, and although I didn't complete my two tasks for Judy's UFO Challenge, I did move both of those quilts closer to completion. Here's my list from March.

1. One Monthly Goal--Finish up the third Star Cluster baby quilt.  DONE

2. Add borders plus piece a back for Maple Stars top.  BORDERS DONE, no backing

3. Quilt and bind Stack & Whack Spinners quilt top. Most of the quilting is DONE

4.  Rainbow Scrap Challenge--make a set of red Scrappy Trips blocks. DONE

Also figure out another pattern to make using the pile of 3" red strips  MORE SCRAPPY TRIPS

5.  Meadow Mystery--join all blocks together into finished quilt top.  DONE


1. One Monthly Goal and UFO Challenge #1--Fiesta Log Cabin remove borders and make more blocks to make this quilt rectangular

2.  UFO Challenge--quilt and bind one of my Christmas panels.

3.  Wonky Log Cabins--join blocks, add borders, quilt and bind.

4.  Rainbow Scrap Challenge--Make 4 Scrappy Trips blocks with multicolor fabrics.

5.  Finish the quilting and binding on the Stack & Whack Spinners quilt shown above as #3 for March.

That's the plan for the month ahead. I will report back at the beginning of May with a progress report and a new set of goals for the next month. I am joining the One Monthly Goal link-up for April at Elm Street Quilts and Judy's 2017 UFO Challenge at Patchwork Times.

Julie in GA


  1. Not sure there has been a goal that involved seam ripper before! :-) Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  2. You made pretty good progress last month. At least you did something with each project so you ended the month farther along then at the beginning. Good luck with your April goals.


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