Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday--Floral Log Cabin

My quilt submission for this week's Throwback Thursday post is the first bed-sized quilt I made by myself. It was started in a quilting class in October, 1995 and finished in August, 1997.

The pattern for our class was called Floral Blocks and Logs. I think it was meant to be a colorwash-type design. The pattern has 36 blocks, making a quilt that measures 63" square. Here is the cover of the pattern. 

I was a very new quilter when I took this class and really didn't have much of a stash of fabrics (boy, has that fact changed!) I vaguely remember going to Joann Fabrics and filling up a whole cart, maybe two, with bolts of fabric and getting 1/8 or 1/4 yard pieces of each one. I'm sure the people working there hated me that day!

During and soon after the class, I made 24 blocks for this quilt, then stashed the whole collection away in a box, probably because I didn't know how big I wanted to go with it. Nearly two years later, I pulled out the blocks and the fabric strips and made 40 more blocks. I quickly discovered the fun of playing with log cabin blocks in different settings. Of course, this was long before digital cameras came along, so I used a Polaroid camera to try different layouts of my blocks. Here are some of the possible layouts that I considered.

Floral Log Cabin--final layout of center

The center of my quilt is 64 blocks set 8x8 and measuring 84" square. To make the quilt big enough for my bed, I designed my own border for the quilt. I especially like the checkerboard--that's a lot of 1" squares! The next couple of photos give a better idea of the colors in the quilt than the scanned Polaroids in the previous photos.

Floral Log Cabin--center of quilt

Floral Log Cabin--border
This is the only large quilt I have ever quilted myself. I did it on my domestic machine, all stitch-in-the-ditch. The back of the quilt is plain muslin, and it feels like the batting might be polyester. I like to change around the quilts on our beds as the seasons change, and decided this quilt would be a good one to use now that it is starting to feel like fall. It was very difficult to get a photo of the whole quilt on the bed, but this was the best I could manage.

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Julie in GA


  1. It looks so much different than the Polaroids show. Definitely worth finishing!

  2. Wow! Love it! I'd like to make one after seeing yours.

  3. Wow! Love it! I'd like to make one after seeing yours.

  4. Very pretty. Love all the different fabrics in this quilt. I had to laugh about your JoAnn's fabric shopping trip for the class. I had to do something similar when I took a class that made a scrap quilt before I had any stash. That has definitely changed for me too.


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