Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stash Report Sunday 3/30/14

I have been piecing quilt backs this week, which would normally mean a large amount of fabric in the used column, but unfortunately this time around it also meant a sizable amount being added to the stash before it got used in those backs.

The only backing fabric to come from my stash was this beautiful leafy sun print that is going on the back of my Scrappy Sampler quilt. I have such vivid memories of buying this fabric in Paducah a few years ago, probably 2010. It was a huge panel and cost more than I would usually spend, but I just couldn't resist buying it. I can't wait to see how it turns out on this quilt!

The second quilt backing of the week is for my Red, White & Blue Sampler. I started out hoping to use this Dear Stella fabric, but didn't have enough for the whole back. 

The next idea was to use a panel of that fabric down each side and to piece together some other fabrics from my stash down the center. I just wanted to get something together so I could send the quilt off to be quilted, but hubby insisted that the quilt deserved better than that. We visited the quilt store together yesterday, and he bought this lovely star print to become the quilt back. 

Last is the back for my Dancing Stars quilt. I made the blocks for this quilt as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2013, and I finished joining them together last week. I found the perfect fabric for the back at work--it was a skirt that we were getting rid of from our costume storage. Lucky for me, the skirt was just big rectangles of the fabric all gathered up at the waist, so it was easy to take apart and reconfigure into a quilt back. Here are photos of both the finished top and the back.

Dancing Stars 60" x 77"

Too bad I don't get more tops done, because making backs sure goes through lots of yardage. It will feel so good to send these off to my long-arm quilter, and it will be even better when I get them back!

Used this week:                      15.5 yards
Used year to date:                32.75  yards

Stashed this week:                12.0  yards  
Stashed year to date:           16.0 yards 

Net year to date:   
              16.75 yards used

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Julie in GA


  1. That is a great Dancing Stars quilt! I also love that leafy print fabric.

  2. Your scrappy sampler is lovely--I really like it! I usually end up thinking like your husband: This quilt deserves a backing that matches it better than anything in my stash. (Which is probably why I still have 2 quilts that need backings--and I'm resisting shopping anywhere besides my stash!)

  3. I love the leave backing you have. Congrats on finishing your Dancing Stars quilt - it is gorgeous.

  4. Your backs and quilts are lovely. On some of my quilts I have been able to cut down the yardage used by implementing John Flynn's Diagonal Pieced Back Method. Check it out at

  5. I like the stars....they are bright and fun and will accent your beautiful front!

  6. You came up with some great backs. That skirt backing is absolutely perfect for Dancing Stars.


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