Saturday, September 21, 2013

Return of Dancing Stars 9/21/13

Last weekend I kept fooling around with my collection of light blue scraps, trying to figure out what to make this month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I realized that I had several light blue fabrics that hadn't already been used in previous blue Dancing Stars blocks. After struggling to come up with something else to make from my scraps, it was rather comforting to get back to making these blocks. 

I have also continued hand stitching hexies during little chunks of time, especially riding the train to work in the mornings. It's such fun to see these pieces come together. I thought I would get the star finished last night, but we ended up going out to dinner and I had no energy for stitching by the time we got home.

You can see all sorts of wonderful ways that other quilters have been using their baby blue scraps this month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013.

Julie in GA


  1. I just love the dancing blocks - well done.

  2. Love your light blue dancing stars and hexies.

  3. Love your dancing stars.... and those hexies.... I am so trying to resist until next year but you keep tempting me!

  4. Lovely blue fabrics, your hexies and dancing stars are looking good!

  5. Your Dancing Stars are so pretty. Those will be great additions to the ones you already have.


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