Friday, September 20, 2013

Paper Piecing Party and Hexie Friday 9/20/13

The more time I spend quilting and blogging, the more other blogs I find with link-ups that interest me. Just in the past few weeks I have discovered Hexie Friday at A Quilting Reader's Garden. Also on Fridays is the Paper Piecing Party hosted by Kristy at Quiet Play. This week I am going to link up to both with one blog post.

Since January I have been participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge hosted by Angela at soscrappy. Every month she assigns a color for our scrappy projects. On Saturdays everyone links up with posts and photos of their progress. My project for the year has been making Dancing Stars blocks from a pattern I found at Amy's Creative Side. This month we are working with baby blue, and here are the paper-pieced blocks I have finished so far. They will join approximately 100 more blocks in other colors that have been made throughout the year.

My other current scrappy project is making hexie stars and snowflakes, also in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color. I have finished one snowflake, and just have to attach the outer points to my star. I'm not sure what size quilt these will become a part of, but I am greatly enjoying having this little hand-work project to carry with me.

Those are my current scrap-happy projects. I will be linking them up to Hexie Friday and to the Paper Piecing Party. Check out both places for great ideas and inspiration.

Happy quilting!

Julie in GA


  1. I love your RSC13 projects, Julie--so pretty...happy weekend...hugs, Julierose

  2. Your scrap happy projects are pretty!! I love all the blues!!

  3. Beautiful stars and hexies.Have a fun weekend!

  4. Great projects! I love the stars!

  5. The blues are just so pretty! Just right for a snow flake.


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