Tuesday, September 10, 2013

15 Minute Challenge 9/10/13

The past week was a good one for finding time to quilt. I managed to do at least a little bit every day. Some days weren't much more than 15 minutes, but even that little bit makes a difference. Most days included hand stitching on my Scrap Hexies project, plus I finished paper piecing a block that I offered to test for the designer. Check back tomorrow to see how that turned out.

9/3 - 9/9/13
Tuesday--Dazzle paper piecing
Wednesday--Dazzle paper piecing, Scrap Hexies
Thursday--Dazzle paper piecing, Scrap Hexies
Friday--Scrap Hexies, pull scraps for Rainbow Scrap Challenge
Saturday--Scrap Hexies, Dazzle paper piecing, lunch bag
Sunday--Scrap Hexies
Monday--Scrap Hexies, Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Check out the 15 Minute Challenge posts at Life in Pieces to see how others are finding time for their creative pursuits. 

Julie in GA


  1. You had a great week. Is this the first time you've done test piecing? I've been tempted to volunteer for something like that but was pretty nervous about the commitment.

    1. It was my first time testing a pattern for someone I didn't even know. I used to occasionally test patterns for a designer/shop owner I worked for.

  2. Great week. It's amazing how much just 15 minutes a day can help with making progress.


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