Monday, August 12, 2013

Design Wall Monday 8/12/13

The Scrappy Sampler BOM group met at Intown Quilters on Saturday morning, then I spent the rest of weekend making my blocks for August. For the remaining months of the year we will be making the 10" blocks that get added around the outside, followed by two rows of bowtie blocks as the final border.

You can see the center of my quilt here. It is getting to be too big for me to get a photo of the whole thing together. The following photo shows the 10" blocks that I have completed so far. There will be 24 blocks that size altogether, 3 or 4 of each pattern for the remaining months

Next I need to make more bowtie blocks for the border. I have 71 done so far, and I think I need 172 total. This is going to be a big quilt, finishing around 80" x 100". I am getting more and more excited as it nears completion.

This is a photo of Taffy's quilt. She is the teacher/leader of our BOM group. Most members of the group are using kits with fabrics that are the same or very similar to those in this quilt. Mine is going to be about as far different as you can get!

It's time for me to link up to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. There is an incredible variety of ideas and inspiration there to enjoy, which is the reason why Monday has become one of my favorite days of the week!

Julie in GA


  1. I like your version a lot, Julie; it'll be gorgeous when finished...Julierose

  2. Both quilts are very pretty. I love how each block has it's job and supports each other so well. Lovely quilts!!

  3. That is really going to be some quilt when you are finished. There is so much going on that it takes time to take it all in.

  4. Your's is going to be gorgeous when it's all done.


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